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    The church of scientology is a brunch of the
United States, which situated in the United Kingdom through college at East
Grinstead, Sussex. British Government considers the establishing of Church as
the violation of public policy.  In 1968,
the ministry of health claimed that, the church of scientology is harmful for
the citizens of United Kingdom. There is a declaration that scientology is a
pseudo-philosophical cult and the government has the evidence that it is
totally harmful for the society. It raises an estrange between the family
members and behave disrespectful to those who is against it. Its followers can
bring menace to the society and set up discrimination among the different level
of generations. The factors that are shown above is the great danger for the
health of the people who submits to them. There are a significant number of
people come here to work in East Grinstead and to study in Scientology.

is not existed law that can prohibit the activities of Scientology in the
country and the government decided that it would be better to prevent the
growth of it through the adoption of legal rules .Van Duyne v Home office is the
case between the citizens of Netherlands and the British government. Van Duyne
applied for permission to enter the UK to work for the church of scientology. After
arriving to the Gatwick airport in England, she mentioned that she came for
working as the secretary in the church of scientology, which offered her to
work with them.  After making a conversation
with the members of immigration, she went back to the Netherlands. As a
satisfactory answer, the authorities of immigration prepared a statement. It
claims: Due to the benefits of society, you are required to leave enter UK and do
not start your works in the Church of Scientology, because the Secretary of the
state takes into consideration that it is not desirable to permit anyone to deal
with the business of or in the employment of that organization.

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  The woman is the national of Netherlands who
emphasize that British Government violates article TFEU 45(3) (then TEEC art
48(3)) through Home Secretary, by refusing to give a permission for working at
the Church of Scientology. Van Duyne sought to enforce Directive 64/221 which
stated that such derogations could be based only on the personal conduct of the
applicant. The UK did not do any act for carrying out this component of the
Directive. Referred to the treaty of Rome and Community law, the Dutch woman
supported her claims that the directive should apply to connect UK. Because of
the personal conduct, it is not legal to refuse her permission. Pennycuick VC
took the case to the European Court of Justice. According to the Home Office,
the provision cannot be considered as directly effective, because it gives the
right to the government to apply exceptions to the free movement. After a long time,
interrogate the proposal made by contender in the basic action and upon hearing
the claiming of the council of the Home Office, the Vice-Chancellor, a Judge of the
High Court, the responder, come to a resolution in the mind to follow
proceedings and to direct three important questions to the court.

  On the
first question, Article 48 of the Treaty was concerned. Additionally, on the
second question, they asked to the court that, whether Council Directive No
64/221 is also directly applicable so as consult on the persons rights enforceable
by them in the courts of the Member States. She identifies that, the courts has
already held that directives are sensitives of direct applicability. The last
question related to the explanations of Article 3 of Directive and Article 48
of Treaty. 

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