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promotional activities of Aldi have been transformed once they entered the UK
retail market. Aldi’s policy of limited advertising in Germany, has been
altered into advertising on mass media in the UK. Aldi’s promotions have been
extensively introducing TV advertisements such as the “Like Brand”
campaign featuring TV adverts which focus on a particular product. Through this
campaign Aldi reinforces the message that their products are cheaper than other
brands however they are equal in quality. They represent diversity as well as
humor which helps them build trust and emotional connection with the target
audience. Additionally, Aldi has printed leaflets within stores which showcase
products with limited availability and seasonal offers available in
stores.  Newspaper adverts communicate
their Swap and Save campaign which demonstrates the target audience how much
they could save if they swapped their weekly shopping to Aldi. In certain stores
“Swap and Save” posters might be seen. Below-the-line promotion is applied
through their social media such as Facebook and Twitter pages through which
platforms the supermarket engages with their target market. Aldi also uses direct emails communicating
variety of seasonal messages. Aldi’s website is an integral part of their
below-the-line promotion.

it comes to above-the-line, online display and direct mail expenditure, Lidl
has been the leader advertising spender during 2016 and 2015. (Mintel, 2017).  During January, Lidl launched their “Big on
quality, Lidl on price” campaign, with the intention to reinforce their
position as a high-quality brand. This was a continuance of their quality
positioning followed by their Lidl Surprises campaign launched in 2014. Collectively,
the two leading discounters Lidl and Aldi accounted for 88.6% of the total
recorded above-the line, online display and direct mail advertising. (Mintel,

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