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The field of medicine is constantly evolving, with increased economic, social and health burdens due to an increase in incidences in Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs) such as cardiovascular diseases and cancer. My focus being on national and global health priorities, this provided me with a direction on the courses and universities to apply to.As a hospital pharmacist I am keen on improving my clinical skills in therapeutics. Treatment has shifted to evidence based therapy but due to limited resources in our hospitals I face a challenge in applying this. By doing a masters in Clinical pharmacy, International Practice and Policy at the University College of London, I will get training on patient management that is evidence based. The course also focuses on special topics in the line of NCDs which will expose me to the advanced treatment protocols that are used. One of the challenges I face in patient management is lack of wide variety of drugs, therefore we stick to one line of treatment. I would like to gain exposure to different drugs that are used in managing diseases and the hospital placements that are done will provide this exposure. One of the core units is international perspectives on health which I hope will provide insights on global health issues and solutions for reducing disease burdens. This will provide me with the expertise to deal with some of the health challenges in Kenya. UCL is leading in various research projects and this will provide me with a chance to develop research topics and skills. My focus on developing my leadership and innovation skills led me to choose the Msc Advancing Clinical Pharmacy Practice in the University of Hertfordshire which was awarded silver in Teach Excellence Framework. It will give me the opportunity to be taught by well experienced lecturers and to be mentored by clinical pharmacists in the local hospitals. This will improve my professionalism and problem solving skills. I will also gain practical skills in handling complex patient care. By learning the policy and legal frameworks this will give me insights on drug safety.A master in Clinical pharmacy from the University of Brighton will provide an opportunity to interact with healthcare professionals from the international community, thus expanding my networks. I am particularly interested in the new technology they employ in clinical pharmacy such as the simulation technology that creates realistic and challenging scenarios. This should improve my practical expertise in advanced therapies. I will also gain global perspective on HIV/AIDS, cancer and other diseases.Each of the courses will help develop my clinical and research skills which I will be able to apply upon immediate return to my country with focus on a patient centered and evidence based treatment. The global health policies will be of aid in developing policy frameworks in the hospitals within my region. The leadership, innovative and networking skills I will gain will help me advance my career and hopefully work on a national and international level in the health sector.

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