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The environment can explain as an external
surrounding of a system. Every component which is possessing same behaviour
will establish a system and system was a complex assemblage. The examples of
system were covering a wide range, it may range from a tiny room to a city or
country or even a whole planet; it can also range from a cell to a human being
or the world population.

We usually limit the term environment to the
physical world. The environment was sometimes consists of human being but not
include the creation of human. Sometimes, environment was also limit to air,
however, we must mostly consider that the complex environment is nature or
artificial.  There is an interaction
between earth and sun, which is radiation balance between the emission of
terrestrial radiation towards outer space and the absorption of solar energy.
Our earth was governed by this radiation balance.

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The human environment which is the ambient surrounding
that human being live. There are several type of environment depends on how we
created, one of the most traditional environment was open-air terrestrial
ambient. Therefore, human environment can be classified into terrestrial environment
and confined environment. Terrestrial environment was open-air environment and can
subdivision into atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere, biosphere; or in
whole, is the ecosphere that we’re living. On the other hands, confined environment
is opposed to terrestrial environment as it was a hermetic space such as space
environments, deep mine environment and else.

The environment we live is terrestrial environment
and also a most significant environment to human being. It was because this
environment supplies the elements which our humans’ life required and also some
additional commodities such as landscape, raw material for humans’ creation and
else. Speaking of which, there are four kind of source which are the crucial
elements that can sustain our life. It respectively air, water, land and fire.
Air, the atmosphere, is the tightest life-supporting element that we all
believe, since every living thing can’t live without air. As a human being, we
need fresh air to breath and we need the oxidiser (O2) in
metabolism process and using air as a cooling medium. Beside the air availability,
air temperature and meteorological phenomena (rain, wind and storm) sometimes
strongly influence our living’s way.  Water,
hydrosphere, nearly 71% of our earth was covered by water. The water cycle control
the matter and energy flow on Earth, because this cycle, water is been
distilled then able directly used by human and other living things. The
solidified water is sometimes plays as a solvent or transport energy carrier in
our body. On the view of thermodynamics, water was the only substance that
existed in 3phases(solid, liquid and gas) in our environment. Land,
lithosphere, land is the fundamental for land flora and land fauna including
human being, so we able to live on shelter, extract the raw materials for our
daily life. Fire, nowadays we can link fire with energy, energy has gradually
turn into an irrepla-ceable position in our modern society. In the past two
centuries, the energy used in industry countries has a large increased and the
living standard of the citizens in these countries have greatly improved.

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