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The process of finding solutions to a particular problem or a complex issue is known as problem solving skills. We had to deal small and huge problems during the project. But we all knew that, ‘after every hardship there is ease’. This verse motivated us and we were able to achieve our goal through solving each and every problem.
The first major problem that we dealt was, our seminar was scheduled on a Ramadan month. The school which we selected would be closed during the month of Ramadan for vacation purposes. We found that this could be a huge problem to solve, so we decided to request the school principle to help us to overcome this huge problem. As per our request we were told by the respected principle that he would gather all the students to participate in the seminar. Thankfully we were able to get all the students and to complete the session successfully.
Finance problem was the second major problem that we had to deal. According to our financial plans we required around 15 thousand rupees to cover up all the expenses. We understood that the required budget is huge so we gathered and threw out our ideas on how we are going obtain such a huge money. Each individual came up with different ideas and solutions but they were rejected due to some other reasons. At the end we decided, each member has to pocket out a small amount of money and we all were in agreement. Thankfully we were able to fetch the required amount from each member and to cover up all the expenses.

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