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“The only way to do great work is to love what you do” is my favorite quote coined by Steve Jobs. I graduated from my Medical School with Honors in ENT and Distinction in Pediatrics and Biochemistry. This motivated me to work harder and dream for something big. I have organized and participated in various cultural events and held the position of head girl in medical school. This taught me the value of time, teamwork, dedication, hard work, consistency and discipline. My passion for medicine blossomed from my curiosity to understand the wonderful creation of the human body and its complexity. During my third year Internal Medicine rotations, I was faced with a challenging clinical presentation of a case of Diabetic Nephropathy. He was a senior citizen from a rural village in India. Since there were no medical facilities nearby he was not compliant with his treatment. With a desire to help him I started analyzing his history and realized his sufferings and needs which was ingrained in my mind. I selected the Study on Diabetes Mellitus which was sponsored by ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research). Contributing a little through my clinical research gave me the satisfaction of taking the first step towards my goal. After graduation, I started working as a Duty Doctor in Bethesda Nursing home in India. Coming from a place with less technology and medical advancements I understand that this field could offer more things to explore if I get an opportunity to work with my contemporaries in advanced countries. Practicing evidence based medicine at an institution with technological advancements and fantastic educational opportunities while living among people from various ethnic groups is everything I could ask for. Internal Medicine is a well?rounded specialty demanding multiple roles with a high level of responsibility. With my burning desire to achieve new heights in this  field I would one day be a renowned  medical professional, researcher, teacher  and most important a  compassionate humane. I would like to dedicate my knowledge, experience and expertise gained for serving the underprivileged in the society. Relieving the pain and sufferings of mankind   is the greatest service to God.

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