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The Responsibilities of Manager in Bukit Gambang Water Park Resort  In this topic will discuss the responsibilities of manager due to their duties of the recreation, park, and leisure-service. There are some of the responsibilities of the management roles that will directly influence the operations of the functions in recreation park.  Recreation manager is defined as the plan, arrange, manage and supervise programs and activities of the Leisure and Recreation Department of the Parks and Recreation Department as a general direction; manage and develop external contracts, suppliers and project budgets; to ensure compliance and economy of all programs, and implement relevant jobs. Managers responsible for providing philosophical leadershipDue to the sheer size and complexity of the leisure services industry, entertainment leaders must now be more knowledgeable, better trained and more global. Which is nowadays managers play an important role in defining or reformulating their organization’s statement of the overall objective, as well as their specific goals and the objectives, which may change over the time responding to the changing of the environmental conditions. Addressing these issues and new issues mean that recreation manager is committed to maintaining a humane, habitable world, celebrating diversity, preserving nature, encouraging creative expression and freedom, and expanding people’s potential. This is because entertainment, parks, sports, and tourism are the main areas of social responsibility of various government agencies and non-profit organizations, business enterprise. The manager’s role as a leader in the organization tends to help all the staff and workers to understand and recognize the organization’ value system and be firmly entrenched to all the levels of programming or community involvement.  Managers responsible to develop the organization structure. The structure of an organization it is defined by the configuration and interdependencies of its positions and departments. The manager in Bukit Gambang Water Park Resort responsible as the individual who manages to see the overall of organization structure which is he or she must develop and improve the organizational structure as well as their relationship with the members in the organization. Managers responsible to oversee the performance of each administrative unit within the agency structure. Managers must encourage the coordination and cooperation action of different units or levels of the department through special project teams or task forces. The effective organization depends on the several important concepts which there are job specialization, the chain of command, authority, authority, the span of control, centralization, and decentralization. All of these many concepts are based on the principles developed by Henri Fayol.  Managers responsible to develop the program services in the organization. The plan is a blueprint for the goal, specifying the necessary resource allocation, timelines, tasks, and other actions. The recreation, park, and leisure service managers responsible to develop the planning and implementing a successful programs activities and services that would fulfill the organization’s overall mission. His or her role is largely operational as this person is responsible for planning and governance and oversees the successful delivery of project outputs/products. Managers must have hands-on experience as project managers in large and complex projects.  Managers responsible in facilities planning, construction and maintenance.The manager is a strategic planner who responsible helps organize the day-to-day operations of the business with a special focus on where the business is located. This person is responsible for overseeing many different aspects of a company’s operations, from managing suppliers and contractors to arranging maintenance and finding new ways to reduce costs. As a manager in the recreation, park and leisure service, they also responsible for complying with all local and national safety requirements for buildings, including staff training, facility inspections and site safety. Maintenance is an all-encompassing category that includes the property’s buildings, premises, and any equipment. It is one of the responsibilities of managers to ensure that all these areas are properly maintained and working well is one of the most important tasks for facility managers.     Managers are responsible in fiscal administrative.Almost all organizations, agencies, and companies have a financial controller who oversees the budget, prepares financial reports, sets goals and strategies. In general, financial managers are responsible for various tasks related to the finances of organizations, businesses or government agencies. The recreation, park, and leisure service managers must be strong communicators, understand government practices, understand financial policies, and demonstrate the ability to research and develop multiple reports. Other than that, managers also responsible for managing budgets; maintain quality performance among departments; analyze financial plans and development goals; prepare special reports and proposals and overseeing lending, sales, and income.  Managers are responsible in human resource management. Human Resources Management (HRM) is a management function that is designed for acquiring, training, evaluating, and compensating employees. In fact, all managers are human resource managers, though Human Resource professionals may perform some of these activities in large organizations. The effect of human resource management is crucial because it is important to hiring and maintaining a committed and competent staff to bring the success for all the organizations. Managers who understand the fundamentals of HRM can help any manager lead more effectively. The recreation, park and leisure-service managers play an important role to identify the workers which are they are the people who create the organization’s reputation for the quality of the products and services.  Managers play the role of public and community relations.Managers must also strengthen the relationship between the public and community relations. It is important in this process because it can attract the public and community to take part and support the activities, programs, and services, recreation, parks and leisure-services that provide by the recreation, park and leisure-service managers. It seems to be effective when they promote through the mass media such as newspaper, magazines, radio, television and it also could be promoted using social media by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. Managers are able to communicate with the community when the organization organizes the special events or projects that involve the community to improve the neighborhood life such as environmental clean-up and the activities that are able to work together to have a better future. Managers must always retain the relationship between the public and community as it can build the image in the organization.  Managers must respond with the legal functions and risk management. Managers must familiar with the legal functions and risk management. The recreation, park, and leisure-service managers must operate as an administrators, planning and program heads in the organization within a framework of law as outlined in enabling to controlling the legislation or court decisions. Risk managers work with companies to assess and identify potential risks that may hinder their organization’s reputation, safety, security and financial viability. Risk management is also about understanding the organization’s business goals. Risk assessment involves analyzing the risk, identifying, describing and evaluating the risk that affects the business. Managers need to gather information about the client’s expenses, legal liabilities, and environmental policies and then assess the impact of any proposed risk on the current process. Managers need to avoid the accidents happen and may potentially be liable for negligence. Therefore, recreation, park and leisure-service managers are responsible for the risky outdoor activities, and the recreation, managers must aware the safety guidelines and the need for emergency and follow-up procedures are required. Managers responsibility to have a clear view of evaluation, research, and information management. Lastly, the responsibility of managers that consist the ability to evaluate which mean that the ability to measure the systematic of effectiveness and the quality of the program. It can determine whether the goals are being achieved by monitoring, reporting the program and the outcomes from the participants and staff members. Research is carry on considered by the data collection methods, through the objective planning, sound sampling procedures, and similar controls. Gathering of performance data that include all of the elements of an agency’s operation which is an important management responsibility to the recreation, park and leisure-service manager that linked with the evaluation process. It is a need for efficient management and the processing of information as to able to monitoring the agency performance, evaluate the outcomes, making the decisions planning and projecting the future needs and priority. 

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