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The New York City has always been a dream destination for millions of people all over the world, which unfortunately could not be true in the 1980’s. At this stage, the New York ?ity was full of crack and crime. It was perfectly normal not to report small muggings because it seemed to belong to the city. The Big Apple was torn asunder by drugs, gangsters, crime. It was almost irrational for a New Yorker not to be afraid of what might happen the next day. Among those innumerable wrongdoings, it would have been extraordinary not to shape a certain opinion about a black community which was in the center of numerous homicides. Thus, the black community happened to be under assault. “The most endangered species in America was the young black man”. This was the most popular phrase in America at those times. In the center of this story were five of them.    In the city which was almost at the edge of bankruptcy and was awash with a variety of failed political attempts for improvement, the New York Police Department was under a heavy pressure. A young white woman from the Wall Street almost killed and harassed in the Central park brought the press to the commotion. The case became personal for each and every citizen, pushing the police to solve it in no time. This amount of publi? attention did change the march of history. Having consequently ruined teenager lives at stake, the detectives must have had cast-iron will in pursue of justice. Taking all the above mentioned into consideration, it is stunningly shocking that so many people in charge cared in the least about the objective facts that emerged while investigating. The evidence, like the stitched chin or DNA results, lead to the real suspect. Those clues could have been easily checked and would be sufficient evidetiary material in court. It is a shame they were taken seriously twelve years later. Sadly, having all the unbiased facts on hand, the prosecutors and the detectives continued accusing five innocent teenagers which appeared to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Mind-blowing is the fact that so many experienced detectives were eager to close the case based on their stereotypes and prejudice, based on strategies they were accustomed to use on felons. Basicly, the police viewed the unfortunate five as offenders rather than witnesses from the minute the case had been opened. Lingering interrogations, promises to be let home, good and bad cop perfomance did what was expected. The teenagers started talking just to get the promised – to go home. They did go home after six to twelve years in prison.  Those were the 1980’s. Events happening in the world today and the public’s keen eye for detail have had much influence on the perfomance in general. There is hope the executive powers are succesive enough not to repeat what has already been done. The world is crazy than ever for racial or other significant equality and it is understandable. The Central Park Five story has its consequences. This story might probably still take place today or tomorrow. We trust there is at least somebody who will question facts into being one hundred percent proved.  We trust there are only honest, conscientious, anti-corrupt professionals who strive for justice and are ready to face and correct the mistakes made. The media, the police, the court or any other institute were founded by the society to serve people. What already happened is a history, there is a glimmer of hope that we learn our own lessons.                  

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