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The #SPGLife hashtag was
originally created by Starwood Hotels group as part of an outreach strategy
with thousands of mentions after its launching. The brand used this hashtag to
attract users to its website through a “Guest Gallery” pulling every single
post using #SPGLife on Instagram.


In addition, social
media campaigns are not enough, for Baby Boomer generation it’s all about video
content, text messaging and smart technologies. It is even harder now to
predict the future with new ways to connect with clients popping up every day.

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It is important to implement unique marketing strategies that might be able to
cut through the noise and target individuals rather than generalized groups of

Digital marketing is all
about showing up everyday with new content rather than spending millions on one
all-important TV spot.


Thirdly, in just two
decades, online travel agents (OTAs) were able to almost take everyone’s lunch.

Prior to 1996, travelers could either conclude a direct booking or speak to a
travel agent. But all changed since the emergence of OTA’s and metasearch
engines; 3rd party agents reselling hotels, flights and vacation packages
originally provided by others. Travelers prefer to book through OTAs who
massively simplified things for guests by giving them the option to choose the
ideal hotel room, compare rooms and pricing from a list of hotels in the area
they chose, book a cruise, rent a car or even find a flight. 

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