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The story has begun when I started to study Master of Computer Engineering at Bhagwant University Ajmer, Rajasthan. At the time I did not have any interest in computer science study in particular. Surprisingly, the only area of study that fascinated me was mathematical logic. I found the logic as such a great tool to train my brain in logical reasoning. It was again the logic that led my interest to computer security which has become the main focus of my PhD study.
I would like to first and foremost thank my supervisors, Professor Dr Raghav Mehra, for their guidance and support for my PhD study, I am very grateful for their care of both my study and personal life. They gave me a very warm welcome since the first steps at Bhagwant University. Without their supervision, I would not be able to achieve my aspiration.
I express my thanks to everyone at School of Computer Science and Soft- ware Engineering and School of Network Computing for support for everything
including the scholarships provided during my PhD candidature.
Gratefully, I thank my parents for their continuous support, care, and encouragement. They have always been supporting me on everything whatever decide to do, whenever I needed help, their suggestion and guidance always helped me to sort things out easily. I dedicate each and every of my success to them. I thank my brother, Arvinder Bali, and sister, Meenakshi Bali Sharma, Jeeja ji Pardeep Sharma, who help me a lot in every sphere of life.
I would like to give my final thank to my lovely Wife Kavita Bali for her genuine love and companionship. She is the first and only person in addition to my parents who dedicates life and future for me. She has always been by my side, being my support. I’m deeply grateful for that.

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