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The Story of an hour – ” Hour of Freedom” Kate Chopin’s ” Story of an Hour”. Tells the story of an hour of a woman, who feel trapped in a marriage, who incidentally recognizes a new free life and enjoys it just in a short time. During that one hour Mrs. Mallard who is given the horrible news about her husband died, she excuses herself and immediately rushes to her bedroom where we see a different side of her. Mrs.Mallard is saddened about her husband died, however, she wanted to be alone in order to allow her emotions to react freely to the news. Mrs.Mallard feels that a new beginning can happen , she overwhelmed with freedom. In the story, Louise feels relive when she sat down facing the window an physical exhaustion that haunted her body that seemed to reach into her soul has been released. During that one hour knowing her husband passed away, Mrs. Mallard comes to term that she has abandoned herself a little whispered word escaped her slightly parted lips. She said it over and over under the breath: “free, free, free!” “Free! Body and soul free!” She kept whispering given a great sense of freedom and peace knowing that he no longer coming back. Louise sees patches of blue sky showing through the dark clouds is a sign that she wanted to live a long life on her own and springtime create a sense of renewal of hope and a new life and the hearing was the unhappy marriage. During her time alone she thinking of her freedom today, tomorrow and long long life of her own. Suprisely her husband wasn’t dead when her sister called her to come downstairs. She sees her husband at the door and dies of a combination of a shock and disappointment.Mrs.Mallard shock was not a joy of her husband begin alive but rather distress over losing her freedom.

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