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The study aims to investigate the significance of the application of Reader-response theory (RRT) in literary text. It here refers to the psychological and social aspects in literary works for the two distinguished writers. David Herbert Lawrence & Kreshnan Subrmaniam. The study deals with EL literature to the undergraduate at the University of AL_Qadisiyah, college of Education, English department for language and literature during the academic year 2018-2019. Since the body of literature has reader response strategies, potentially provide students various kinds of benefits such as improving aesthetic experiences, promoting students’ motivation and interest in reading as well as achievements. Thus the study is concerned with psychological and social aspects in the literary texts and the application of Rosenblatt’s Reader response theory for teaching and learning literature in English language. As an effort in promoting the subject from psychological, social and linguistics perspectives, the study concerns with the application of reader response theory as an action research. The one semester long focuses on literature classes. The selected students are those of the 19-23. The students are of various races, gender, and cultural background. The researcher teaches the literary texts and participated in the study whereas students have to make progress in class discussion. The design of the study will be on two phases, the first one will be on a form of analysis of the literary works showing the psychological and social aspects whereas the second phase will be a practical , the researcher is going to prepare pre-posttests, interviews, and questionnaire. The findings suggest that students will be courage enough and self-confidence in expressing themselves as well as linguistic growth such as the skill of writing.

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