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The study conducted by 40 present WASS (Web-based Agricultural Support System) which recognized information, collaborative work, decision support and features of WASS. Depend on features, authors divided WASS into production, research-education, and management. Reddy at al. 41 present GIS-based DSS (Decision Support System) framework in which DSS has been designed for watershed management and management of crop productivity regional and farm level. GIS is used to collect and analyze the graphical images for creation of new rules and decisions for effective management of data. Shitala et al. 42 presented a mobile computing-based framework for agriculturists called AgroMobile for farming, marketing, and examination of crop images. Additional, AgroMobile is identified the crop disease depend on image processing and also explain how dynamic requirements of user disturbs the performance of the system. Seokkyun et al. 43 study on cloud-based Disease Forecasting and Livestock Monitoring System (DFLMS) in which information collected and manages by using the sensor. DFLMS makes available an effective interface for the user, but because of temporary storage method used, it is incompetent to store and retrieve data in databases for future use.

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