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The Courthouse Hotel managerial skills of supervisors state that the staff works in different shifts
to keep the hotel up to its standard and
maintain to make its staff stay
ahead of the competition from other small or large scale hotels. They apply the
skills and ideas using the tools that are offered to them for applying to give the best service possible. There are
different difficulties, problems, and other challenges that need a solution to
be solved for the growth of the hotel industry. Different work attitudes are
seen in the organizations of the hotel industry that needs to kept in check by
the supervisors. The main role of the supervisors
is to give the best experience possible which requires you to supervise every small
detail possible from top to bottom corners of the hotel to check-in and
check-out process at the front desk. Supporting staff in different workloads is
also a good sign of supervisory skills in
which we see staff works in different shifts for job satisfaction which is very
important in the hotel industry.  They should have a positive look and thinking
towards any tough and demanding situations in the hotel industry. Employees should have a good learning ability and
passion for working in the hotel industry. Supervisors can keep a look at the improvement of their staff and their
working conditions.  It is important to
test different staff in their skills which becomes useful in both sexes who are recruited from multiple sources. Industries should train
and give the opportunity to the readily
available people and keep them motivated and deliver services which the
customer expects from them. The supervisor’s role to keep a check on the skills
and satisfaction of the staff as well as the satisfaction of the guests who are
equally necessary and important for the hotels. Supervisors look into small
details in the hotels and keep the records of it to report to the management.
Important job for them is to look for suitable workers to work in challenging
and hectic situations and learn to apply the skills that were given to them and
come out with a new solution and ideas whenever required. Positive attitude of employees,
employer as well as guests are important in a hotel industry. But most
important is if the staff is working in a good and friendly working environment
with enjoyable work. According to King et al (2003) long working hours,
exhaustion which leads to conflicts between the co-workers and creates negative
impact on their progress and expectation on their work which can lead into a
gap between both employers and employees and needs to be kept in check by the
supervisor. Supervisor goes through different processes that require different
resources in managing different people providing information to help them. It
requires various planning and leading them to achieve their various goals they
set. Supervisor can make sure they have enough staff with required quality for
the service they provide. So a careful recruitment is given to those who have
the skills for the level of service given. Supervisor co-ordinates the members
to have better decision making skills for solving the problems faced by them. 

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