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The feasibility of the
project is analyzed in this phase and a business proposal is put forth with a
very general plan for the project and some cost estimates. During system analysis,
the feasibility study of the proposed system is to be carried out. This is to
ensure that the proposed system is not a burden to the company.  For
feasibility analysis, some understanding of the major requirements for the
system is essential.

Three key considerations
involved in the feasibility analysis are        

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Economical Feasibility

Technical Feasibility

Social Feasibility

Economical Feasibility         

This study is carried out
to check the economic impact that the system will have on the organization. The
amount of fund that the company can pour into the research and development of
the system is limited. The expenditures must be justified. Thus, the developed
system as well within the budget and this was achieved because most of the
technologies used are freely available. Only the customized products had to be

Technical Feasibility          

This study is carried out
to check the technical feasibility, that is, the technical requirements of the
system. Any system developed must not have a high demand for the available
technical resources. This will lead to high demands on the available technical
resources. This will lead to high demands being placed on the client. The
developed system must have a modest requirement, as only minimal or null
changes are required for implementing this system.   

Social Feasibility

The aspect of the study is
to check the level of acceptance of the system by the user. This includes the
process of training the user to use the system efficiently. The user must not
feel threatened by the system, instead must accept it as a necessity. The level
of acceptance by the users solely depends on the methods that are employed to
educate the user about the system and to make him familiar with it. His level
of confidence must be raised so that he is also able to make some constructive
criticism, which is welcomed, as he is the final user of the system.

Existing System

There are several types of
captchas using in a real world and out of those the most commonly used technique
to differ humans and bots are graphical based captcha. It is hard to crack but
not impossible as bots becoming intellectual. Captcha is currently a standard
Internet security system to shield online email and different administrations
from being mishandled by bots.

There are several
drawbacks like difficult to read, not compatible with users with disabilities,
time-consuming to decipher, technical difficulties with certain browsers and
may greatly enhance artificial intelligence.

Some of the images are not
readable due to high distortion or more complexity level on the image which
makes letters overlapped on the image. 

Proposed System

In this paper, we show
another security primitive considering hard AI issues a novel group of
graphical secret key frameworks based on Captcha innovation, which we call
Captcha as graphical passwords (CaRP). To add more security, implementing
ClickText which is recognition-based CaRP scheme. As ClickText is an advanced
version of CaRP, which provides more security to clients.

In addition to distorted
images, if the click based mechanism to select a password, it is more complex
to solve the puzzle. ClickText has roughly the same effective password space as
text passwords, it requires on average 1000 people to work 1.65 days or one
person to work 4.54 years to find a ClickText password.

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