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The United States is a nation with a very intense history. A country with a mixture of cultures and customs that come from different parts of the world. His lifestyle, his beautiful landscapes, and people leave surprised all the people who visit him. A territory that has been a pioneer and passed through different periods and historical stages with the passage of time. A term called “Reconstruction” began. In it, the laws and the mode of government were reformed. In principle, the participation of Afro-American southerners in the state legislative powers was allowed to try to improve the social situation and the civil rights of this population. However, the white people from the South prevented African-Americans from becoming U.S. citizens with the same opportunities. Some of the things have changed if we will be talking about the Afro-Americans, Native Americans and Women from the period of the Reconstruction to nowadays.The Ku Klux Klan was formed, an organization that violated freed slaves. Once the Reconstruction was completed in 1877, the Northern Army withdrew from the South. Despite the guarantees and constitutional rights, the African-American population suffered discrimination, as racial segregation was authorized on public transport and other shared spaces. Despite being legally free, the African-American community continued to work the land in unfavorable conditions; besides, they could not access the vote. The 1960s to the 1980s were a period of high cultural change. The segregation that remained active in the south of the country was officially abolished, thanks in large part to the civil rights movement and its notable leader Martin Luther King Jr. Women were outraged at the lack of opportunities similar to those of men, and some women developed laws that would finally grant women more educational and economic equality. With the arrival of the new millennium, President-elect George W. Bush intended to focus his efforts on improving education, the US economy, and the Social Security system. In 2008, US citizens elected Barack Obama as their new president, the first African-American in office. In his term as president, Barack Obama focused on improving the severe economic recession the American people have known since the Great Depression of 1930 an approach that he held until his second and legally last term. Many assumed that with the coming to power of the first black president in the history of this country, Barack Obama, the African-American community could increase their standard of living and reduce the inequality gap with white citizens. Up to now, the changes are expected.Today, the American law recognizes the existence of traditional indigenous communities with specific cultural, political and legal peculiarities and, in many cases, linked to a territory or reservation. That legal recognition implies that the tribes that are recognized by the federal authority have a tribal sovereignty and are considered as nations, which gives them a unique condition. Indeed, the scope and attributes of that sovereignty and that country are not those that are usually attributed to the modern nation-state, because the native Americans nations are not, in fact, independent nor have full sovereignty. Although they do enjoy autonomy and self-government on the margin, even certain limit, of the global institutions. The Native Americans tribes are defined as internal dependent nations, and their sovereignty is partial and limited within the framework of other sovereignties such as the federal, state and, in the end, that of the people themselves. Many of the constitutional rights of the Bill of Rights, but not all, are in force for Native American tribes and their courts have jurisdiction and limited sanction capacity in certain criminal matters.Currently, women in the United States and globally, are not only mothers and wives, but also occupy a job role. These variations have produced women feel more positive and stronger, achieving a change in both the labor and political fields. Sharing functions are part of the process, in fact, today we can find or see that parents share more with their children, having a closer relationship, helping the mother to share the commitments of the house in every sense of the word. The educational field has been a field in which women have achieved significant advances regarding access and performance, even to overcome the situation of men in the united states, and in several countries around the world. However, in the political and the labor sphere we have made progress, although inequality persists in front of men, where women who have occupied prominent positions within the government train, throughout our history can be counted.In conclusion, African Americans continue their fight for justice; remembering the words that the Reverend Martin Luther King pronounced in 1963: “I have a dream.” All Native Americans reservations are associated with one or more tribes, and some tribes have more than one reservation, there are federally recognized tribes that lack a reservation or territorial space. Additionally, only about a third of all people of this origin live on reservations, approximately one million, while almost twice that amount are people living assimilated in cities. Both men and women have had to adapt to changes, modifying behaviors and habits that they believed to be rooted in, such as housework that was exclusive to women and men were only providers. 

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