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The house design of City of Elmina
is one of the competitive strategies. The houses are designed in ranges from 20×70 to 22×80 double-storey linked homes(Star2,2017). The
houses are specifically designed for multigenerational living with the lifetime
home concept(simedarby,2015). It is suitable for the people with
large family including elderly citizens. The designs of the houses are using
open-plan concept with combining living, dining, and kitchen areas for ease

Not just that, guest room that is
located at the ground floor being designed to provide convenience to the
elderly. The house is suitable for elder citizen to stay comfortably. The
safety also is essential as the houses of City of Elmina are equipped with built-in alarms systems. The customers could feel safe
to live in City of elmina. Therefore, it could help Sime Darby to increase
customer loyalty and to stay strong in market position. The designs of the
City of Elmina are demanded by the public. Given an example, Elmina Green Phase
1 project are very demanding by the community. The reason of saying these is
because the residential units of Elmina Green were snapped up within 2 days.

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are many leisure activity and entertainment clusters in City of Elmina. Since
Sime Darby are pursuing that the customer in the City of Elmina able to have an
active and healthy lifestyle. In City of Elmina, there are many parks and a
total of 90 km cycling track jogging circuit, retails and shopping malls so on.
These could provide leisure activity to the customers who wanted to live close
to nature and still have many activities and entertainments in the township.
These could help the resident who lives in the township to avoid the need to go
to a further place to have their leisure time.

not only the residents in the township are able to enjoy these entertainment
clusters. Even other people who are not living in City of Elmina could also
enjoy the parks, jogging track , cycling track and go to shopping mall for entertainment
as well.

Sime Darby had built this 90km cycling and jogging track, it
has considered being one of the longest tracks in the country. Through this
uniqueness, other people who visit City of Elmina may become the potential
customers of Sime Darby because these people will not just use the parks but
also visit to the other amenities at the same time. Thus, this also could
increase the shareholder wealth in the long run.

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