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The Watergate Scandal played a very crucial role in the history of the country as many people lost their trust and confidence in the presidency and in the USA government. How did the Watergate scandal change the Americans vision about their president? How did they use to look at the USA president and how did this incident change the way people think and believe. I can say that I can relate the Watergate scandal to today’s president Trump. Today Donald Trump is facing many accusations toward him, many people believe that Russia interfered with the 2016 elections and US intelligence community confirmed that the Russian president Vladimir Putin for personally ordering the operation. And throughout the last year, they discover personal meeting, interception phone calls, overseas contacts, lies to the FBI and so much more. The Watergate scandal reveals many huge and shocking secrets about what was happening during the early 1970s re-elections. Five burglars were caught wiretapping phones and stealing documents from the Watergate complex of buildings in the Democratic Party headquarters in Washington D.C were president Richard Nixon was running for re-elections. The Watergate scandal was by so far one of the worst presidential scandals in history, were the president was accused and found being involved in illegal acts and cover-ups along with his fundraising administration called Creep. President Nixon denied all of the accusations and said nobody in the white house was involved in the crime, after the trail of the burglars the scandal went viral and out of hands were president Nixon’s administration could not succeed in covering up the story where it grew rapidly from a small incident to a national scandal. Soon on August 1974 president, Nixon resigned from the presidency office in the face of a certain impeachment towards him. After Nixon’s resignation, the Congress agreed on granting Nixon a pardon. President ford who succeeded president Nixon played an important role in issuing an unconditional pardon in the case of the Watergate scandal. He believed that this is considered an American tragedy and there should be ended promptly or it could go on and on and the public would have made up different assumption. And this would be a very good chance for the enemy to create stories and influence negatively the whole country, which would create chaos and cause tremendous complications. The media and the journalists also played a huge role in this tragedy. They exposed the illegal abuse of power, all the names that were involved and so much more to the public. Two most famous journalists Woodward and Bernstein broke the biggest story in the American politics, beginning with the investigation of the democratic national committee, later became the standards used by modern investigation journalists. As a result of the Watergate scandal the people lost their trust in the government, were the congress and the government has been trying to put a lot of effort in to restore and gain back the trust of the public, but the Watergate will always be remembered


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