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The Roaring twenties involved jazz, flappers, and dancing. Jazz mainly influenced pop culture today because it influenced gospel, jazz, and rhythm and blues. Jazz has even influenced pop, folk, and sometimes rap. Jazz is a very well known type of American music. Most of the jazz music came from the African American and musicians such as Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, and Charlie Parker. The effect of the Jazz Age upon society and modern culture can be depicted through a close examination of different aspects of Jazz music.Granted the historical foundation of the blues, pop culture and the blues aren’t as the same as people think. One aspect of modern culture is that in order to find compatible acceptance throughout the mainstream. It has become popular to reject many of the traditions and standards of the past. In the music there seems to be an attitude that previous forms and techniques are not only old, but are to be avoided. This is especially true in music where musicians often say they must deny the past in order to move the art form forward.”Tradition is not the enemy, but the indispensable handmaiden of originality and lasting cultural achievement.” (Roger Kimball) Is this the reason, or is it because in their rush to seek peer acceptance and celebrity status, many of today’s musicians feel needed to stay in the limelight? Right now, tradition in pop culture is scarce, but when it comes to Jazz the musicians wanted to still be traditional with the original music.Jazz influenced other genres of music in pop culture by having roots, samples in the songs, and having the same musicians. Early country music was also inspired with jazz. At one time, there was no boundary between “jazz” and “country,” except for the ethnicity of the performer. As for rock ‘n’ roll, it is commonly referred to as “jazz with a back beat.” The Rolling Stones even included the instrumentation, vocal styling, form and broad lyrics of jazz music and successfully created something new. One of Elvis Presley’s songs “Hound Dog” was one of the first jazz song to be successfully transformed into a rock ‘n’ roll song. Jazz also had a significant influence on gospel music. Thomas A. Dorsey, who is called the “father of gospel music,” was a past blues pianist and songwriter. By the early 1920s he was writing gospel songs using jazz notes and showing a bigger sense of individuality and understanding in the themes of his songs. Jazz affected the many genres but jazz also affected the way music can be written in modern culture.Jazz not only affected genres it affected the way people wrote their songs. Stylistically, the Beatles’ song from the White Album borrows from the big band swing sounds of like bands led by Duke Ellington. Swing Sounds were when a singer would play and swing their trombone or trumpet and it would make a swing-like noise. The swing noise came from most Jazz songs.  After a short introduction, the song follows an AABA form meaning verse-verse-chorus-verse. That is a necessary structure in jazz music and is important because the AABA form isn’t used very often in modern pop music. Modern pop stylistically relies mostly on verse-chorus-verse-chorus forms (ABAB). In further contrast harmony and melody are in the forefront of pop, and not so much the lyrics or any background figures that jazz is built upon. In jazz music the first 8 bars of the song are almost the same as the second 8 bars. The difference is in the very last section of the second phrase. That subtle shift remains in order to facilitate the transition to the third set of 8 bars, which is obviously different than the others. This pattern is used in countless jazz and swing standards that are still often performed today. The effect of the Jazz Age upon society and modern culture is mostly jazz music. Jazz music has and continues to affect all genres of music including rap, pop, country, gospel, folk, rhythm and blues. It also had affected new ways to write songs using the AABA structure. Jazz is still a major genre of music, but it deserves more credit in historical context because it is or provided the foundation of many other styles of music. The spontaneous freedom of jazz artists flowing with their music afforded musicians to explore and create not only jazz, but also helped to create more modern styles of music listened to today.  Modern Culture will never forget the influence of jazz.

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