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The International Atomic Energy Agency
(IAEA) is an international
organization that seeks to promote the peaceful use of nuclear energy, and to inhibit its use for any
military purpose, including nuclear weapons.
The IAEA was established as an autonomous organization on 29 July 1957. Though
established independently of the United Nations through its own international treaty; the
IAEA Statute, it IAEA reports to both the United Nations General Assembly
and Security Council.1

According to Article II of the IAEA
Statute, the objective of the IAEA is “to accelerate and enlarge the
contribution of atomic energy to peace, health and prosperity throughout the
Its primary functions in this area, according to Article III, are to encourage
research and development, to secure or provide materials, services, equipment
and facilities for Member States, to foster exchange of scientific and
technical information and training.

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It is palpable that the IAEA, like the
other international organisations fostered by International law also
contributes to the maintenance of peace and order in the global society.  



The role
international law plays in maintaining world peace is indeed and clearly a very
important one. These laws were promulgated to ensure orderliness in states’
conducts of their affairs with one another in the international system. Without
these laws, lawlessness will surely be the order of the day. The society will
risk going back to the state of nature which Hobbes described as “life being
short, nasty, poor, brutish, and solitaire”. We cannot, however, deny the fact
that some countries violate some of these laws, but that does not mean that the
laws are not enforceable. There is a fundamental difference between the
existence of laws, and violation of laws as against ineffective enforcement of
laws. We cannot deny the relevance of international law in maintaining world
peace just because a state or group of states is too powerful to violate them
with impunity.

 Against this background therefore, it is
established in this study that international law HAS indeed play a key role and
helped in providing and maintaining good atmosphere for peace to thrive in the

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