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purpose of this section is to present the geographical area of the study and
background of the topic. It will focus on what has led to the researcher to
chose the topic of illegal dumping. It will touch on why the specific area was

The  geographical focus of the study will be in
Qadi Area in Bothas Hill and commonly known as the Valley of Thousand Hills.
This place is in the Outer West Region of  Ethekwini Municipality, ward 103. The municipality
is located on the east coast of South Africa in the Province of KwaZulu-Natal
(KZN). It spans an area of approximately 2297km2 and is home to some 3 555 868
million people. It consists of a diverse society which faces various social,
economic, environmental and governance challenges ( Ward 103
is in the Outer West Region of eThekwini Municipality. The village of the study
is in the rural section of the ward. Qadi areas can be characterised by dual
leadership. There is Traditional Council which is Qadi Tribal Authority, as
well as a democratically elected ward councillor. The area does not pay rates,
however waste collection is one of the services that the municipality provides.

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though the area is classified as rural, it is electrified with running water.
There is however no sewerage system. The main road is tarred, and some inner
roads tarred as well. The area is about 8 kilometres from Hillcrest and about
23 kilometres from Pinetown. It is about 8 kilometres to Hillcrest and 13
kilometres to Waterfall. The other suburbs within a 20 kilometres radius are Assagay,
Gillits and Kloof.


The study will be
narrowed to one village, namely: Esteshini/Skotshi villages. This village is
selected for the physical pile up of rubbish which is situated at the corner of
Shayamoya Road and Manqoba Drive (formerly known as Zulu Reserve Road). The
dumping occurs on sloppy land which ends with a ravine at the bottom. One major
concerns is that there is vegetation down the slope, the impact of illegal
dumping to vegetation and the ecosystem is not known. The area was also chosen
because the researcher lives in this area. The issue of this illegal waste
management has been going on for many years. The researcher first came to live
in this area in 2010. When the challenge of illegal dumping was observed, the
municipality was alerted. This dates back to 2011 and 2014 respectively. This
research study then serves as an opportunity for the residence to understand
better the main untold story of this illegal practice.

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