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 concept of grid computing has gained
great popularity, even more  than the
World wide web had at its beginning.

concept of grid computing is not only used in the limited areas it has reached
all over the world today not only the  medical
field but also the industries business, entertainment research areas are using
the grid computing technology..

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are many people  around the world using
the internet currently it needs a very huge requirements large networks. And
this requirement opens the door to a new technology where all the systems are
interconnected to a server system and the work load and tasks are shared among
all the interconnected systems in the network. This method of Sharing the
resources all geographically is called as Grid computing.

computing is a technology where every process is made easy today  and in every sector like  entertainment ,business. Science,
experimental all are processed over grid computimg.

me explain you briefly about the grid computing technology, suppose you and
your couple of your friends went out for a trip and you have a huge tent so you
volunteered and offered it your friends and then one of friend has a car and he
will take you to the trekking in car and the other offered the food so in this
way by sharing the resources of each other the trip will be cool and enjoyable
if not the three friends will be facing the problems with what they are not

this is as same as the grid computing where it gathers the resources from
multiple systems and completes the task we don’t know which system is lacking
enough storage space networks data sources super computers etc and it uses it
all over the geographical locations to perform the computational problems and
gives them a perfect solution.

has some specifications and Autonomic features such as self-configuration,
self-optimization, self-recovery, and self-management

concept of Grid computing was early made to the computers which are located at
remote locations and connects them to increase the performance of the system.
But later it has developed exponentially and increased the system throughput
and configuration etc.

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