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The word tinnitus is derived from Latin word”tinnire” meaning to ring.Tinnitus is the perception of sound inthe ears or head in the absence of any external environmentalsound.There is no universally acceptable single definition oftinnitus that could be used internationally.Tinnitus is the soundthat should be perceived at least for the duration of fiveminutes .Tinnitus is commonly classified into twotypes;Subjective and objective tinnitus. Only the patientperceives the tinnitus sounds in subjective tinnitus.while in theobjective tinnitus patients as well as examiner also perceive thetinnitus sound.Millions of the people are affected by tinnitus worldwide.epidemiological studies explain that one third of worldwidepopulation experience tinnitus sometimes in their life.theincidence of tinnitus gradually increases with age. Nationalcentre for health statistics reveals that 32% of the USApopulation is affected by the tinnitus. The impact of tinnitus oneconomy is significant.General fatigue,poor concentration andsleep disturbance result in loss of earning and increase healthexpenses.There is no standard test for diagnoses of presence of tinnitus.Although some attempts have been made to set standardprotocols for testing tinnitus but still not approved final.somesubjective tests like tinnitus pitch matching,loudness matchingare used for evaluation of tinnitus.Researchers and clinicianshave developed subjective tests with self administeredquestionnaires to measure the impact of tinnitus.Tinnitushandica inventory is one of the commonly used questionnairefor assessment of tinnitus disability.The management of tinnitus is too difficult task as there aremany different causes of tinnitus . variety of treatmentapproaches claim to have positive effect on tinnitus.but,thereare controversies too.However, for management purposecertain methods are used including medical and surgicaltreatment,physcological approaches,sound therapy,maskingdevices,hearing aids,tinnitus retraining therapy andneuromonics therapy.The problem of tinnitus in Pakistan is also as alarming and assevere as in the western countries.There is dearth of studies inPakistan related to tinnitus and its associated impact onindividuals.This study will help the professionals to understandthe impact in a more satisfactory manner. This study willemphasize the need for adequate training for audiologists,otorhinolaryngologist for the proper assessment andmanagement of tinnitus in these patients.Methods:Research design: cross sectional study design will be used inthis study.Duration of study: The duration of study will be of 6 months.Study settings:Study will be conducted on following hospitalsettings.ENT OPD of Bahawal victoria hospital BahawalpurENT OPD of Mayo Hospital LahoreENT OPD of Al-nafees Medical college hospital islamabadSample Size: I will include 160 individuals in my study.Sample selection:Inclusion criteria:All the patients of tinnitus irrespective of gender.Patients with the age of 15 years and aboveParticipants presenting with tinnitus ,with and without hearingloss.Exclusion criteria:Patients unable ti understand questions because of languagebarrier and low IQ levelMeiner’s diseaseEaracheVertigoPsychiatric patientsAcute otitis mediaSample technique: Non probability convenient samplingtechnique will be used.Data collection Procedure:Data will be conducted by following ethical guidelines ofcommittee. Informed consent will be kept mandatory prior toenrollment of patient in study.Data will be collected frompatients by using questionnaires related to handicap in theirdaily life because of tinnitus.questionnaire will be filled byresearcher as per patient response.Questionnaise used for this purpose will be ”Tinnitushandicapped inventory”Data analysis:data will be analyzed by usingSPSS.Chi-square test will be used to find out associationbetween categorical variables and statisticalsignificance.Data representation:Data will be represented by using tables ,graphs andcharts.

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