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most commonly known excuse given by the agencies mentioned above for the use
of  “Racial Profiling” is that the
specific outcome associated with racial profiling would be a successful way to
approach the crime in Canada as of today (Siavash V, 2017, Par. 2). There are
many challenges as of now in the Criminal Justice System, but the main ones
focused on is the skyrocketing rate of crime and victimization in the
Aboriginal communities (Beer, 2017). An example given of this issue would be
how, According to Bempah (2013), In the Canadian Correctional Institutions,
“Aboriginal and Black Canadians are grossly overrepresented.” (p.1).

Unfortunately, Canadian history involves a lot of violence towards Aboriginals
and that has left a majority of their population on reserves without jobs
and/or education which leads to a criminal or destructive lifestyle.  In addition to this, the Canadian Justice
System and Law enforcement has been shown to support this new procedure. Bempah
(2013) goes on to say, that within these systems “Evidence indicates that a
raciat bias exists. At times, this discrimination has been supported by court
decisions” (p.1). Proving that racial profiling in Canada is supported and not discredited
by these systems.

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