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The hospitality industry today requires high skilful individuals while
offering a most interesting and exciting career for young people. This provides
a great chance to approach the wide world as well as seek for the closest way
to fulfil interpersonal skills including communication skills, customer service
management or analysis skills (Billett, 2010). This calls for a wide range of capabilities. The hospitality industry
offers today’s young men and young women a most interesting and exciting
career. Management of a hotel or a restaurant calls for a wide range of
capabilities. Additionally, the continuous learning process and development
process is important for the success in this industry. The industry is
fluctuating considerably which requires individuals to be flexible, able and
willing to adopt, to change and improve towards the success under the
identified organization and industry orientation (Bridgstock, 2009).


 Group interviewing process is considered as
the most memorable events I experienced through the module through which I
expand my knowledge in terms of interview including a range of knowledge and
concepts, for example selection bias, personal job fit or organization job fit.
Actually, there have no individual personal who matches the job
comprehensively, but it is important to identify the linkage between the job
and individuals. I am now convinced that interview is not a game, it is the
combination of skills, cunning, advanced planning, careful observation as well
as a lot of luck (Helyer and Kay, 2015). I also understand that winning a job through
interview allows me to increase my own comfort, confidence in my academic
credentials and future. The most important lesson I learnt from the group
interview process activities is the essential of flexibility. According to
this, it requires the participants to be flexible to adopt the different levels
of job requirements as well as the employer’s expectations (Helyer and Price, 2015). A
lot of questions, tests and activities involved in the interview, for example
competency-based questions are essential for evaluating the personal-job fit as
well as the suitability of the participants. That requires the participants to
have ability to create impression as well as demonstrate the personal own
values taking use of various, for example STAR method.

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Apparently, I could understand myself in terms
of defining my interest as well as my passion to set my personal development
and career development direction in future. According to this, I found out that
myself in a person fits the marketing job in the future since I possess many
traits and qualifications that support me comprehensively in the process of
completing the tasks as well as gaining the further success. Among those
traits, I defined that I am a communicative person and am a person who can
speak in more than 2 languages that support me in terms of approaching
different groups of customers as well as understanding them well. In addition,
I have strong IT skills as well as decision-making skills. I also have
strengths in dealing conflicts as well as leading others when working in a
team. That enables me to contribute strongly to the overall performance of the
team as well as the overall organization. There would be no success without a
strong basement of personal values and traits supporting the job tasks. The
leadership theory also identified that a good leader is built from excellent
personal traits, for example leadership skills, time management skill, decision
making skills and communication skills. In addition, the moral value theory
identified three main sources of personal moral values which include sources
from the society and the government including the customs, cultures and
traditions; religion, creed and ideology and source
from one’s own self. I considered that my strength on strong work ethic is the
combination of those main sources; especially the last sources of my own moral
values differentiate me from others in the industry. Moreover, I realized the
importance of identifying the personal strengths and weaknesses in order to
preparing properly for the career development. Identifying personal strengths
and weaknesses is not to describe them, but link them with the personal
objectives in order to find out the employment opportunities in the future.


Throughout the module and all activities I
completed, I changed my perspectives on how to fulfil myself in my personal
development path as well as how to achieve the success in such a competitive
working environment. Firstly, it is important to indicate that in the past I
was wrong in terms of preparing myself to become an asset of the future
organization as well as the society. All I thought was that achieving my
university’s degree could help me seek for the best job opportunity. It means
that I thought the job opportunity was associated with the simple degree only.
However, the module and the overall course changed my mind. I have proper
perspectives on the industry, the sector I am interested in as well as the
challenges to become outstanding in the sector for a long term.


Individual Commentary


I have had a time stuck in a conflict within my team
when I was in my first time in full-time work. At that time, the conflict I
faced came from the diverse cultures and background within my team. According
to this, I had the first full-time work at a federal organization; I had a chance
to work with individuals coming from many cultures and ethnicity around the
world. The conflict was truly interpersonal conflicts when some of them did not
get along with me and seemed to have negative feelings and perspectives on me,
my behaviours and the way I completed the job task. There was no visible reason
for this and all I felt came from their attitudes and the way they communicated
with me. Actually, I did nothing wrong and I always showed my endeavours and
passion at work. At that time, I ignored all negative feelings naturally
existed in their minds and tried my best to understand them, understand their
cultures and the way they evaluate things to understand the origin of what I
suffered. I also supported them in achieving the overall performance of the job
task and change their perspectives through the practical activities rather than
the convincing words. Additionally, I also found out what area I am weak in and
what made me out of the entire team in order to subjectively get along with them.


Q2. Tell us
about a time when you had to deal with a conflict within your team.

I was the team leaders in many activities. For example, when I was coach
of my high school badminton team, I believed that I was a good leader who knew
how to organise the team, give understandable instruction, communicate with
team members and encourage them. At the very first time gathering the team members
and arranging the suitable time for practicing for the very first competition
round, I faced challenges in communicating with them. What I wanted to say had
not been transferred effectively and efficiently to them and the overall
outcomes have not been achieved. Additionally, the team was stuck into the
difficulties of interpersonal conflicts when the positions of the players on
the ground had not been decided appreciate. It means that some individuals were
not satisfied with the way, the approach and the strategy I did on the team to
get the success. In that case, I decided to gather the team for the formal
meeting and delivered the mutual goals and objectives of the team at certain
periods of time. I spent a large amount of time to listen to my team members as
well as gave them chances to raise their voices. I considered their ideas and
decided whether those can be adopted in my team effectively. I aimed to
increase my communication skills through ensuring that the message I am try to put across to
members is done with clarity. Within the team, I appreciated the high level of
clarity, transparency and motivation under well-established performance
management. This enables me to motivate others and become an effective leader.
I think that providing direction with support and timely motivation under
understanding others is the key to success.


Q1. Describe a
situation where you needed to inspire a team. What challenges did you meet and
how did you achieve your objectives?

Two Competency-Based Questions and Answers


Ceyda Ceylan


look forward to having a direct interview and discussion with you to show my
qualifications and interest in person. Thank you for your consideration.

believe that my strong interest in the position and the industry will drive me
to continuously develop in the future as well as inspire me to achieve client
marketing goals and objectives. That will also support me to act as a
successful employee in the sector and become an asset of the organization in
the long term.

Contributing the productive
teams with strong endeavours and establishing successful training programs.

Successfully conducting
in-depth research, and showing outstanding analysis and presentations to
generate the information and proposals for identified projects.

Successfully implementing
innovative marketing initiatives—spanning media channels such as print, TV,
online, collateral, and direct mail pieces to seek for the wide popularity and
increase the market impact, especially in the process of product launch and
product development.

Participating in marketing projects
that enable high-level marketing initiatives to promote the brand name and
transfer the messages to the customers as well as outstanding successes through
the mixed for some companies and organizations including Fortune 500 companies,
and small businesses.

following achievements highlight my expertise:

My expertise lies in
properly and successfully planning, implementing, improving innovative
marketing proposals and marketing campaigns to drive the performance of the
overall organization in the internationally competitive market. Additionally,
my well-established ability to connect, motivate and lead teams to achieve
identified success will allow me to make a dynamic and profitable contribution
to the organization.


I am writing this letter and the resume attached
to express my sincere interest in the Marketing Executive position available in
your hotel. With strong passion and interest in the position in the industry as
well as extensive experience and abilities in decision-making skills, strategic
focus as well as honed interpersonal skills, I am confident to demonstrate that
I can be the suitable candidate for this vacancy. I know that success in the
marketing world is not an easy task which requires a highly ambitious and
results-based orientation, the traits and a wide range of knowledge I possess
allow me to contribute toward the success of the overall organization:

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