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The agriculture sector has a big contribution in the
economic development of India. A large population in India depends on
agriculture to fulfill their livelihood. Agriculture combines the cultivation
of crops, breeding of animals for food, fiber, biofuel, medicines and other
products used to sustain and enhance human life. Farming is the key development
in the ascent of human culture, which produces food surpluses that nurtures the
growth of culture. In India, most of the population is dependent on farming.
However, updating the technology needs reviewing and revitalizing the
mechanism. Agriculture may see major changes in upcoming years due to
enhancement in technologies. Agriculture is believed to be the mainstay of
Indian economy. Now-a-days farmers are having huge economic losses due to
several causes. To overcome the problem of economic loss, we propose the
System-Secure Android application for Farmers based on Ratings and reviews
(SAFR). Farmers are confused to take right decision regarding selection of
fertilizers, pesticides and time to do particular farming actions, the price
for their products that they produce and sell. SAFR serves as a platform for
movement of agricultural products from the farms directly to the consumers or
retailers. SAFR is a mobile application, which provides privilege for both
farmers and consumers/retailers to buy and sell the required products without
the involvement of an intermediary at the product’s fair profitable price.

Today everyone, including the farmers and countryside
people, utilizes mobile devices frequently. A mobile device is preferred over
other devices for presenting SAFR as mobile devices can include a number of
applications, which any user can access independent of other applications, and
cost is comparatively low. Information & Communication Technologies (ICT)
observed that mobile plays vital role in everyday life of farmers 4.

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The application management interface of mobile devices
includes a menu part and a display part. The menu part of application management
interface includes multiple tabs, each tab providing access to particular
feature related to particular tab. The display part of application management
interface includes one or more than one application objects, each application
object presenting information about respective application.

The objective of modern farming technique using SAFR is to
enhance transparency in the agriculture commodity market place by providing
market price information, facilitating collective buying of inputs and selling of
products. Farmers rely on weather forecasts to decide what work to do today and
tomorrow. We introduce and provide detailed information on an Android based
multilingual app “Secure Android application for Farmers based on Ratings and
reviews (SAFR)”, which targets to provide solution /suggestion to the farmer’s
problems, facilities, benefits them with additional guidance in their area of
interests like soil type, fertilizers, irrigation requirements etc. Security is
the main objective of SAFR. SAFR provides secure payment gateways by using
standard algorithm and data security by encrypting the private data using AES
algorithm. Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Algorithm is used for rating
and review of products. Rating and reviews over products can help the buyers to
choose the most convenient product for themselves.

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