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The Homestead Act of 1862- It gave away free land to those who were glad to move to the frontier to claim it.Exodusters of 1877-African Americans from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana that moved to Kansas to get land and have a better life.The Morrill Act of 1862- This act donated land to states to build colleges for Agriculture and Mechanic purposes.The Cross of the Gold Speech of 1898-This speech was given by Willian Jennings.The purpose of the speech was to get people to support “free silver”.He strongly believed that free siliver would make the nation successful and thats what he was trying to get other people to see.The Election of 1892-This was between Former President Grover Cleveland and President Benjamin Harrison.The fight behind this election was nationality President Grover defeated Benjamin,because the people sided with Grover.A Century of Dishonor of 1881- This was a book writen by Helen Hunt Jackson. Helen wrote this book to talk about how the government were treating the Indians in the late 1800’s. This topic bought up a good point, later the book caused the goverment to pass the Dawes Act of 1887.14th Amendment of 1868- This meant that slaves got Citizenship and African Americans got equal protection clause. The government couldn’t discriminate against a group of people, also if you were born in the United States you can get citizenship.Chinese Exvlusion Act of 1882-This was the first act to stop immigrants from coming into the United States. This Act remained in force for 10 years, adding to the immigrants not being able to come into the United States they were also keeping them from becoming U.S. Citizens.Telephone of 1876-The telephone was made by Alexander Bell. Bell proved the phone worked on March 10 when he called his assistant telling him to come here.That same year Elisha Gray and Tivadar Puskas improved the phone. Gray improved by using water mircophone and Puskas improved by adding the helpline.

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