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The way people have been using antibiotics, is contributing to the creation of a new antibiotic resistant superbug. Super bugs are bacteria that are resistant to various types of antibiotics. Antibiotics do not work fighting viruses, such as flus. Using antibiotics to fight a virus, instead of helping fight the virus, the antibiotic will kill a large range of bacteria, among those, useful bacteria is also destroyed, the type that help digesting food and staying healthy. Resulting in the surviving harmful bacteria to have a higher chance on growing and multiplying. These super bugs can share their antibiotic resistance feature with other bacteria. As these bacteria spread, drugs will become less effective in the global health. Scientists are using existing drugs to develop new ones, that will be able to fight these superbugs, “We need to make the best use of the drugs we have, as there aren’t many in the antibiotic development pipeline (…) it’s important to understand the best was to use these drugs to increaser their effectiveness and decrease the chances of resistance to emerge.”, said by Dr. Jane Knisely. 9 Scientists at University of Bristol, a looking for new sources of drug compound in fungi, the University of Sheffield are seeking for ways to boost our immune systems, so they can fight the bacteria before the bacteria develop or multiply, eliminating the need for drugs. 10 Only taking antibiotic’s when necessary and not insisting on using them can help slow down the spread of super bugs, for example, parents often insist on getting their children antibiotics to treat a child’s ear infection, but waiting for a while is recommended, most ear infections                                                                                  recover without using antibiotics.                                                                    MRSA (Staphylococcus aureus), is a common super bug, it can cause skin infection, pneumonia or bloodstream infections. MRSA skin infection can show up as pimples, or boils that are swollen, hot, and agonizing. The infection can be easily spread, through the smallest cuts or scrapes that get in contact with the super bugs. Although many people with MRSA infections can recover, the CDC estimates that over 80,000 aggressive MRSA infections and 11,000 death related MRSA deaths occur every year in the United States.   Washing hands often, not sharing hygienic items such as towels and body wash soap, and using antibiotics accordingly are things people can do to do their part in fighting antibiotic resistant bacteria. 9

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