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The Trobrianders of Papua New Guinea is a research in the growth of ethnography directed by the author of Annette B. Weiner. Who was an American anthropologist in the study of Trobriand island begin in 1971- 1972 and in the year of 1974, she earned her Ph. D. This novel expresses over fifteen years of research on a deep investigation about Trobriand society, culture, and behavior. Her casework began with the fieldwork of Bronislaw Kasper Malinowski, who was the leading of field investigation.
Malinowski was born in Poland, in 1884 and died in 1942. In his lifetime he has researches Trobriand island for many years. He concentrated on the activities of the male Trobrianders, observing the way they went about their daily duty. One approach Malinowski used to study the men and turns himself into one of the residents. In that time, he was departing himself from the other white men and spending the majority of his time with the villagers. Malinowski learned that being an ethnographer does not mean to only observe, but to “put aside camera, notebook, and pencil, and to join in himself in what is going on”(pg60). As the time past, the Trobrianders viewed him less as just a ‘white man’ or a ‘celebrity’, but as an equal.

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