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The UK’s four nations England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales have their own child protection protocols in order to help safeguard children from abuse and neglect. Each nation has a framework of legislation, guidance and practice to detect children who are at risk of harm and take action to protect those children and avoid further abuse happening. The responsibility of policies and laws which covers most parts of safeguarding and child protection within education, social welfare and health is down to each of the UK nations. Laws are passed to avoid behaviour that can harm children or require action to protect children.
Although each nation has different child protection systems in place they all cover the same principles. The Scottish child protection policies, legislation and statutory guidance is set up and the responsibility of the Scottish Government.
The National Guidance for Child Protection in Scotland 2014 intends to improve how professionals and organisations work together to give children the protection they require. Additionally it concentrates on the collective responsibility that all agencies and services have in safeguarding children and their well-being.
The National Guidance for Child Protection was first published in 2010 and established a national framework to help local practices and procedures. The Scottish Government made a promise to guarantee that it is frequently reviewed to make sure it is pertinent and up to date in protecting children. Advances in services and good practice are apparent although cannot become complacent. It proposes a shared vision to improve outcomes for children and young people including Scotland’s most vulnerable. It offers clear step-by-step guidelines making sure practitioners understand their role in protecting the children and young people. It clarifies roles and responsibilities, what to do in different situations, guidance on confidentiality, information sharing, identifying, responding to concerns about children and clearly highlighting that the protection of children is the most important concern.
Within each national guidance each local authority has their own guidance which should be interpreted along with their own individual agencies and services. The Forth Valley Inter Agency Child Protection Guidance 2016 is based on the National Guidance for Child Protection in Scotland 2014 which intends to assist organisations and practitioners in working together to give children the protection they require.

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