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The purpose of
this assignment is to compare the conservative and liberal social policy
regimes, and link them to specific countries. I will aim to consider in depth
what each social policy regime is built up upon and how it reflects the way in
which the regimes are altered and run. I will also discuss the different
perspectives within the world of global social policy and emphasise the
importance of rhetorising global social policy and illustrating the different
ways in which it plays out across the world.

& Liberals.

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The Bismarckian
social policy regime has different labels:

Bismarckian after chancellor
Bismarck who introduced state regulated social insurance in the 1880s for key
occupations funded by employer and employee contributions.

Conservative socially and
politically conservative


Central European

Christian Democratic

‘corporatist’ key role of the
‘social partners’ (corporate social groups) union and employers organisation
in managing pensions, benefits, health care finance

Bismarckian countries are middle-range to high spenders on the
welfare state and are strongly cash oriented, leaving services such as care to
women or to the third sector. The financing mainly comes from social
contributions from two-thirds of all welfare system resources in Austria or
Germany to 80% in France. Conservative welfare states were
worried with maintaining order, so in order to achieve this goal social
insurance funds were set up. Social insurance funds included; old age pension,
health, unemployment).

The origins of the welfare state
in the United States is often traced to the Social Security Act (1935), one of
the central pieces of legislation enacted by President Franklin D. Roosevelt to
respond to the economic challenges posed by the Great Depression. Unlike the
conservative the liberal regime relies predominantly on the marker, and has
minimal state involvement in the welfare i.e. to engage in employment.

Two major programmes resulted from
this legislation. The first was to create a universal programme of public
assistance called Aid to Dependent Children that provided income support for
mothers with young children. The second major component of the law created a
universal pension system that provided income assistance to the unemployed, the
elderly, widows, and orphans. These programmes were modifications on a typical
income insurance scheme.

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