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The other day, I came across some great discoveries of good old CD Albums!  From some of the artists  that I grew up listening to. The most surprising part of it all was that I found them in a shop one would not expect to find such items, and that was in Poundland!  (for those who are not from the UK, Poundland is pretty much what it says it is , a land (shop) where everything in store is for a £1!). I have to say they really are upping their game these days, and selling some worthy stuff! Anyway I was so drawn to the music section , I almost felt like I was in a record shop and it felt great!  If I’m completely honest I’ve  never really purchased a music CD growing up (I think I bought around two to maybe four CDS?),  since  downloading them just was the thing to do and still very much is what the majority of us do today, simply because its more convenient to have it digitally.  Because of this, having a physical item of music is a pretty new experience for me and I have to say I think my generation and future ones are  missing out on the whole experience of being able to have a physical copy to see and appreciate the art cover and the content inside the sleeve.In the near future as I learn more about music from both the past and present I will definitely be finding and buying the originals where I can.  But thanks to Poundland it has ignited this idea of building my own physical music library dedicated to music from all around the world spanning different decades and genres.  Given that these ones that I bought from Poundland were so cheap I ended up getting a whole bunch at once because I couldn’t really go wrong with a £1 per CD now could I? I literally felt like a kid in a candy store! I mainly got ones that I was already familiar with and a few CDS that I’d never heard of before but found the cover art and song titles interesting so thought I’d give them a try.I think they were able to sell it for just a £1,  I’m assuming is because they are pre- owned and refurbished versions of the originals using recycled items, as inside each CD is a little leaflet from, musicMagpie asking for old CDS, DVDS etc in exchange for some cash.I think this is a great idea, as I’m all for doing what we can to be resourceful and healthy to the environment as much as we can. To be honest I’m really amazed at how great the quality of these CDs are!  Especially with all the covers just like the originals! I defiantly will be making a contribution to this recycling ad from musicMagpie  as I got a whole lot of DVDs stored away that I don’t watch anymore or haven’t even bothered to see, so I need to get rid of them to make space for my new and life long obsession of music!In the mean time I got all these Albums to trifle through , I’ve not managed to listen to them all yet, but I will defiantly look forward to it!

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