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The mucous membrane of the nose becomes inflamed with various diseases. Characteristic symptoms – stuffiness, it becomes difficult to breathe, formed detachable. To quickly cure a runny nose, you need to determine its cause and variety. Timely and correctly diagnosed will help to avoid undesirable consequences, the course of the disease will be less severe. Gymnastics for the face from wrinkles! Get 6 free lessons from an international coach for facebuilding. Hide ads: Not interested in this topic Item purchased or service found Violates the law or spam Prevents content from being viewed Thank you, the announcement is hidden. Yandex.Direct What is a common cold As a rule, one should think about the treatment of the rhinitis ( rhinitis ) when swelling the mucous membrane of the upper respiratory tract. Often the cause is the penetration of mechanical or chemical stimuli. Some of them lay their noses and want to sneeze when they get dust, in a draft, with too much light. Runny nose, caused by the above reasons, in adults and children does not take several days, treatment is not required. The rhinitis itself is not contagious, its causative agent is unknown. But the symptoms of the common cold are typical for many diseases – for example, for the initial period of acute respiratory viral infection, influenza. In everyday life, the need to cure a runny nose is associated with nasal congestion. Others consider it an obligatory symptom of copious discharge. Still others are looking for a cure for the common cold when they start sneezing. In many, the mucous membrane swells when the temperature changes, under the influence of alcohol, a sharp odor, for other reasons. Types of colds The vasomotor variety is associated with watery branches. Zalozhennost manifests itself alternately in one, then in another nostril. I want to sneeze, tears flow, my head hurts. The cause is tobacco smoke, hormonal disorders, emotional distress. This kind of rhinitis is correctly considered a neuro-reflex disease. The condition is accompanied by weakness, increased fatigue, irritability, insomnia. The allergic variety appears seasonally or as a reaction to certain food, dust, animal hair, substances that are part of detergents or cosmetics. I want to sneeze, itches in the nose, tingles. To avoid bronchial asthma, an allergic rhinitis needs to be treated, and not to remove symptoms with medicines or ointments. With a vasomotor and allergic rhinitis, the nasal cavity is not inflamed. Infectious variety occurs with colds. The cause is viruses, bacteria, fungus. Symptoms – burning and dryness in the nasopharynx. It is desirable to immediately begin treatment so that the virus does not penetrate the throat and bronchi. Acute rhinitis manifests itself or as a symptom of acute respiratory diseases. In the nose itches slightly, dryness, general lethargy and weakness are felt. It is difficult to breathe with both nostrils, I want to sneeze, tears flow. The condition is accompanied by a worsening of the sense of smell, abundant mucopurulent discharge from the nose, which, if damaged, becomes bloody (snot with blood). Acute rhinitis lasts a week or longer. The temperature may rise 37C or higher. Chronic rhinitis in a simple form is manifested by abundant secretions, more often by unilateral obstruction. Often develops as a complication of the acute form in the case of a violation of blood circulation in the mucosa, diseases of the paranasal sinuses. If you do not treat a simple chronic runny nose, and also under the influence of a sharp climate change, the development of the inflammatory process in the paranasal sinuses, the adenoid, it goes into a hypertrophic form. Headache, nasal congestion, persistent discharge, worsened sense of smell. Chronic atrophic rhinitis develops with weakened immunity, after the transferred infectious diseases with an acute runny nose, as a result of surgical intervention in the nasal cavity, as a result of unfavorable climatic conditions, harmful substances. In the nasal cavity is dry, the sense of smell is reduced, it is difficult to completely blow your nose, periodic bleeding from the nose. If you do not get rid of the common cold, eventually it goes into a chronic form, which can lead to inflammation of the maxillary sinuses – the sinusitis . Complications can be associated with inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, the middle ear. Treatment of an acute cold The disease begins with dryness in the nose, a sensation of heat. After 1-2 hours the nose lays, the head hurts, abundant secretions begin, it is necessary to sneeze often, the temperature rises. After a week, the secretions become thick, purulent. Tightened face exercises! The course of exercises on the rejuvenation of the face , neck and décolleté area. Get it for free. Hide ads: Not interested in this topic Item purchased or service found Violates the law or spam Prevents content from being viewed Thank you, the announcement is hidden. Yandex.Direct Acute rhinitis is treated by observing bed rest. Caviar can be put mustard, warm your feet in hot water with the addition of mustard (1 tsp to 8 liters of water). In the nose buried or washed with a collection of plantain, calendula, coltsfoot, sage or a collection of eucalyptus, St. John’s wort, peppermint, chamomile. Vegetable raw materials should be mixed in equal quantities. Brew 1?.?. mix with a glass of boiling water, boil over low heat for 5 minutes, insist in a closed dish for 1 hour. To wash the nose with a cold, drip into the nostril 10 drops of infusion. Then tilt the head, allow the liquid to pour out, blow your nose. Repeat 7-10 times for each nostril. If the nose is heavily embedded and washing is difficult, drip 5-6 drops, do not blow it out. To be treated 7-10 days. On the prescription of the doctor to instill vasoconstrictive drugs ( Ephedrine , Naphthyzine , Sanorin , Galazolin ). It should be borne in mind that vasoconstrictive drugs can be used to treat the common cold not more than 1-2 times a day, so that irreversible changes do not occur. Treatment of chronic colds With a constant runny nose without temperature, one or both nostrils are laid, especially when lying down. Plentifully allocated mucus, decreased sense of smell, headache, dry mouth. Chronic rhinitis may last several months or years. The left nostril lays on the left side, the right one on the right, the nasal breathing is difficult in the supine position. A common causal factor is the curvature of the nasal septum. The mucous grows and thickens, closes the nasal passages, which leads to a violation of the nose breathing. Sometimes the mucous membrane is vice versa, it becomes thinner. Slime is very viscous, forms crusts. If the crusts begin to decompose, the so-called fetid runny nose ( ozena ) is diagnosed . This form of rhinitis can lead to inflammation of the middle ear ( otitis ) or paranasal sinuses ( sinusitis ). To cure, many long-term instill vasoconstrictive drops that bring a short-term result. Treatment will be more effective if there is no pathological increase in the pharyngeal tonsil ( adenoids ), it hinders breathing with the nose. Otherwise, the adenoids are removed. To dry the mucous, reduce the secretion of ointments from the common cold, which include zinc, streptocide, menthol, lanolin. Against viruses is effective Oksolinovaja ointment , against a genyantritis – ointment of Simanovsky . For prevention and treatment during periods of exacerbation, mix 1 part of calendula flowers and 2 parts of raspberry leaves. Brew 3 tbsp. mix with a glass of boiling water, let it brew for 2 minutes. Inhale for 5 minutes twice a day. To be healed within a week. How to cure a runny nose at home To get rid of the disease, efforts should be directed to weakening specific complaints, avoid possible complications.

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