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The Anglo-Saxon Period began around the 5th century due to Roman Invasion introducing Latin into the Celtic Language. Old Language was massively influenced by the Germanic Tribes. In the 4-5th century the  Celtic language started to become demonized and English Language was one of the most dominant language.  Due to the introduction of Christianity Latin words were introduced in schools for example: “priest” .


Christianity has affected the English language development due to the introduction of Latin as a language in Britain. Latin was mostly spoken by Christians. Latin was spoken by the higher class and English was spoken by the lower class.

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As a result of Christianity, Beowulf – epic poem   was a text that represented examples of words that relate to how Christianity for example words such as: “By God”, “Lord of Life”, “The glorious Almighty”. Latin words for example such as: “Ecclesia” meaning “Church”, “Rune” meaning Religious.


The Conquest of Normandy in 1066 led to many developments of English in Britain, when King of France took over Britain introducing Latin once more, then became the demonization of the English Language.  The French had a huge impact on the English Language new vocabulary had been introduced into Britain for example, “tax” which was (“taxe”) (“dine”) became “diner”. In war and combat: “army” became (armee). (“Solider”) became (“soldat”)( “war”) was (guerre).  

Under the rule of Edward I, English became one of the dominant language.






As an example of Christianity in the Middle English Period a text called Geoffrey Chaucer a tale called Here bygynneth in Middle English period talking about the Piligrims and words used to relate to Christianity, “Holy” referring to the Piligrims as Holy people and also “blessed” as having blessings in religion.   





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