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The “King of pop”, Michael Joesph Jackson was born on August 29, 1958 and passed away on June 25, 2009 due to a drug overdose. There are a lot of theories behind his death, if it was a suicide or his long-time doctor was the one who overdosed him. His parents are Joe and Katherine Jackson, (imdb). Throughout Michael’s life he was married twice and has a total of three kids. The most famous marriage was when he married Lisa Presley, the daughter of the famous Elvis Presley. Many believe that the marriage was only for the money and publicity, they denied that rumor, however, they divorced quickly. Shortly after the divorce was finalized, Michael married Debbie Lowe, and they had two children together, Michael Joseph Jackson Jr, and Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson. After Michael’s second divorce, he had another kid name, Prince Michael Jackson through a donor (thefamouspeople). With his personal life, also comes his music career. Michael Jackson was only eleven years old when his music career began with his siblings and the Jackson 5. It was his father that jump started his career, who was also a musician, but wasn’t as successful. Two of his most famous songs from the early days are “I Want You Back” and “ABC”, which are still being played on the radio to this day. By the age of thirteen Michael became a solo artist but still also performed with his siblings. His first song as a solo artist was “Got To Be There” and was also a number one hit for a while. It was in 1982, that would change his career forever with the dominating song, “Thriller”, which will be discussed later. Since Michael was always in the spotlight, there were a few moments in his later career that affected his image. Changing his appearance and style, being accused of child molestation and dangling his newborn son made people lose respect for Michael. Being born an African-American but having to deal with random which patches due to vitiligo, Michael decided to have plastic surgery and essential getting rid of his dark skin and have a nose job as well. According to Hutchinson from the today website, “this is when his career changed as the African-American community didn’t look at him as being one of them, not only did his appearance but his style in general changed”. Followed by this change came several accusations over the years that he had molested several kids, but was never convicted of any crime. He also dangled his newborn son over a balcony, which made people outraged with him (today). Even with this, he still managed to be one of the most iconic music influencers. 

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