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    The management system at Matang mangrove
started after the gazzetement began in 1902 when the island was reserves and
had been introduced into first management plan in 1904 in order to regulate and
control the felling of island reserves. The comprehensive plan was held in 1950
for the whole Matang mangroves and revised once every 10 years until nowadays.

    History of the Matang mangrove management
started with A.M Burn that took first action for gazzetement in 1902 followed
by A.E Wells who had been worked in drafting for first working plan of island
reserves in 1904 until the gazzetement was fully completed in years 1906.After
that, J P.Mead was formulated working plan for the mainland reserves in 1908
and the first revision also done by him in years 1915 and after 10 years
continue by A.E.Sanger-Davies in 1924 The revision was periodically revised by other
scientists in every next 10 years continually

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    Matang mangrove are recognized as a
sustainable management of mangrove forest since 1900s because they practices
systematics management During the past years, the management of the mangrove
sites only practice on uncontrolled wood production where it is damaged the
mangrove and other forest services. However, it is successfully maximize this
issue and change from the wood production to a management system that includes
multiple roles where it more emphasize on protection and conservation.

    The management of Matang mangrove has been
undergo many changes in subject where from the standard system before to the
first system applied focusing on the minimum girth system. Meanwhile, a few
years later, provision of two-staged final felling is replaced after the
shelterwood system that proposed with providing retention of standard is not
successfully applied in the management system. Similarly, the rotation length
was reviewed from 20 years to 30 years, then to 40 years and finally back to 30
years in 1950 (K.Jusoff, 2008). The 30 years rotation was based on report
(Noakes, 1952) that the Mean Annual Increment of trees in the sample plot
culminates at age 23 years.

    Nowadays, Matang mangrove forest management
operates silvicaltural system where it has been modified system as specific
ecological and individual forest types that give productive and protective
management zone. Furthermore, the functions of Matang mangrove forest undergo changes
over time where the roles of this mangrove sites has been expended from its
traditional roles into ecotourism, wildlife sanctuary, preservation, education,
research and other biodiversity conservation.

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