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There is approximately 3,500,000 km of pipeline in 120 countries of the world. The United States had 65%, Russia had 8%, and Canada had 3% (2014). Therefore, 75% of the pipelines were in these three countries. I am here to convince you on why Canada is in need for more pipeline transportation. Canada is the second largest country in the world, yet Canada only has 3% of the 3,500,00 km. In my opinion, the most key factor on why it is necessary for Canada to build more pipelines would be the importance of trade. When exporting/importing with a country, not only would Canada be building a strong relationship with the country, Canada would be profiting, and most importantly Canada would be creating more jobs. Creating jobs would benefit the population in a very effective way. Pipeline transportation is a method of transportation of products or material through a pipe. Many different types of liquids and gases are transported in pipelines. Any chemically stable materials are suitable to be sent through the pipelines. Pipelines are used for the transport of crude, and refined oils. Such types of oils are used for vehicles, rail transport, and aircrafts. Any fluids such as water, beer, sewage, and slurry can additionally be sent through the pipeline. Pipelines also exist for transporting drinking water or irrigation. Firstly, having ties with countries can lead to a lot of success for the country in the future. It is very beneficial for Canada to have a strong relationship with another country. Canada already has a great relationship with The United States of America. These two countries share 521, 251 exports and 547, 320 imports (2016). Between Canada and USA, they share a total trade amount of 1,068,571 (2016). The USA is Canada’s #1 trade partner for a reason. The two countries share a border. They both share close to culture and economic ties. For these reasons, Canada and USA have resulted to be one of the most beneficial international relationships both in the financial and mutual aspect. The level of trade between the two countries is at the top of the annual combined import-export total. One way for Canada to build a strong relationship with an international country is for the two countries begin trading goods. Trading goods would be the base of a strong international relationship. Once the two countries start trusting one and other, it will be the beginning of a new alliance. Ex. both countries would be trading goods through pipelines. The history between Canada and USA is endless, from the alliance in World War II to Canada assisting The United States with the terrorist attacks. So, this could be Canada’s way of starting a new relationship and would certainly help Canada in the long run.   More pipelines, more jobs! Creating jobs would benefit the population. Creating jobs would also benefit the economy and the economic growth. In order for more pipelines to be created in Canada, it would require humans for the pipelines to be built. Manufacturing the transportation and refining jobs are all based on pipelines. Pipeline Jobs in Canada can aid a middle – class payment, or even higher, the most important thing the pipelines jobs can offer is free healthcare. This will give the families the ability to save money in the future. The more pipelines are built, the more people have jobs. Therefore, meaning the more people will be lifted out of poverty. The average unemployment rate in Canada was 5.7% (Oct. 2017). Jobs is our only thing that drives the economic growth. Having a middle-class paycheck or a high wage, you are likely to spend your money. When the spending of the consumer grows, businesses can grow. That being the case, the more workers the business has, the more they can produce and sell more goods and services. This would increase the revenue which can motivate the additional economic growth and jobs. Lastly, money is what drives this country! Trading goods through pipelines can lead to increase of money for Canada. Acquiring money from other countries can be spent in many different possible ways. Through the pipeline transportation, we either trade goods or get money back in return. However, if we were to receive our money, it would go to the employees and to the Canadian government. There are many ways on how the government will be able to spend the money. However, in my opinion, the three most benefiting factors for the government to spend its money would be on education, healthcare, and the military. Canada’ s healthcare and all of Canada’s public school is already paid for beforehand. If you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, you are qualified to apply for public health insurance. With this insurance, you don’t have to pay for most health-care services. If you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, there is also no need for a tuition-cost to attend publicly-funded-schools. I am aware healthcare and publicly-funded schools already receive government funding.  I am trying to raise awareness of what could happen if the government decided to cancel the free health coverage and publicly-funded schools. We are paying taxes in order for all this to work, but what would happen if the government decided to remove all of it? We would be having to pay coverage for health care and we would have to start paying for education. Building more pipelines would provide the assurance of this not happening and will provide the government with more money. This money would go to free health care and free public schooling. The tax money which also goes to the government could be used for some other things as housing, food, hotels, restaurants, and recreation. Having health insurance is very important for numerous reasons. People who have no insurance would receive less medical care and less timely care. Canada spends roughly 17.9% of its total yearly budget on health care. Having free public schooling is universal and very important. Public education is universal because free public education provides you access to free education. It also guarantees equal opportunity for all children. Public education also unites a diverse population. Canada spends about 12.7% of its total yearly budget on education. Finally, military. If a country wants to project itself as a developed and strong nation, the military is a very strong consideration. If Canada is militarily strong, other countries view Canada to be very powerful and will ask for help. Canada spends 6.3% of its total yearly budget on military spending.  If you want to keep the free health care, the free public education, and have a strong military, therefore it is necessary for Canada to build more pipelines. Yes, there have been many pipeline accidents in the past. However, there is really no safer way to trade/transport oil and gas. If you were thinking that the other alternative would be rails, then the answer is no! Pipelines and rails have all had their fair shares of accidents. Both rails and pipelines are fairly safe. However, pipelines are without a doubt the safest way to transport either oil, gas, or other goods. For example, in each year from 2003 to 2013, pipelines experienced fewer accidents per million barrels of oil equivalent transported than did rail. In result of this, rails are more than 4.5 times more likely to experience an occurrence. But, the most compelling statistic is that 99 percent of pipeline accidents from 2003 to 2013 didn’t damage the environment. To conclude, the government of Canada is always trying to make this country a better place. In order for the government makes Canada a better place, they will have to build strong relationships with international countries in order because the safety of this country is #1 priority. In order to create a better economic growth, have more people lifted out of poverty, the government will have to create more jobs. To have the assurance of publicly-funded schools, free healthcare, and a strong military, Canada will need the money. For all this to work, more pipelines are to be built. Making Canada a better place for the present and future population is what it’s all about. The future has to have a good environment surrounding them, a good job, a good education for their children, affordable health care and most importantly safety. It is a lot more then creating pipelines just for money, creating pipelines will benefit the country and population of Canada in both the present and future. 

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