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There are plenty of things that people need to cope up with
in life. Some experiences are usually traumatic, and it prevents them from
going about their normal daily routine. As much as they would like to maintain
a healthy relationship with their family, friends, and co-workers, it’s quite
difficult to know how to do it and where to start. In times like these, life
coaches can help individuals find themselves and make a good transition from
unpleasant situations like looking for a new job, reaching out to family
members and even starting a new business.

Coaching is beneficial for everyone who would like to maintain
being on top of their game. Life coaches help recognize and eliminate life
barriers that prevent individuals from feeling contented and satisfied with
their lives. To be able to move forward in a better way, people must know what
are the things that hold them back in doing what they need to do. There may be
a lot of things to consider when doing this, so a breakdown is done by the
coach to properly identify and prioritize everything. Among other things, life
coaches assist people in having a better insight of themselves, the people
around them and the circumstances surrounding them. They draw up action plans
for their patients on a case-to-case basis, which are implemented correctly and
works side-by-side with them to realize the goals that need to be reached.

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Life coaching is different from undergoing therapy because
coaching helps people in taking practical steps and does not need to identify
any other deep psychological issues which may have beset the patient in the
past. Life coaching is more on counseling, and life coaches do not need to
ponder on how their respective patients came to be as they are, but to help
them find means and ways to get where they want to be.

Ruth Geller is a life coach with more than thirty years of
experience in healthcare, human potential, and human empowerment. Before being
a life coach, she was a psychiatric nurse who sustained a back injury during
the early years of her career as a nurse. This incident led her to intensive
years of study in the fields of chronic pain, chronic illness,
psycho-neuroimmunology, psychology and Ericksonian approaches to brief all over
the United States and Canada. Afterwards, she practiced individual and family therapy
for seven years before expanding into the human potential field.

Ruth manages most of her time in developing her life coach
skills by obtaining the best methods of care for her patients. And being part
and parcel of an international network of coaches and regional executives, she
has already worked with hundreds of individuals.

Ruth’s unique expertise and vast experience, plus her
genuine care for people make her one of the leading life coaches in Albany. And
in this capacity, she continues to provide counsel and coach CEOs,
international dignitaries, celebrities, professional athletes, intellectuals,
and many others who need a guide to achieve what they want.

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