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There are several impacts on community of poverty, food insecurity, and poor nutrition on health and well-being. People facing problems like stress, competing priorities, financial problems and limited resources finds it like a challenge to maintain good health, have nutritious diet and avoid chronic diseases. Poor health, nutrition and disease management are the additional hardships face by people nowadays.
Around 40.6 million Americans lived in poverty in 2016. There is also one estimation where at least one quarter of American age between 25 and 60 relative poverty. This might be an economic condition that will strike the Americans. A few researches those who have poor health and less contact to health care than others are who don’t are mostly from those people living in or near poverty. Things like full-service grocery that provides reasonable priced and nutritious foods, garden areas that promote physical activity and have more environmental pollution that endangers ones health are mostly in low-incomed residential areas than in higher-income neighbourhoods.
When comes to children with low-income family background experience many problems like worse oral health, low birth weight, asthma, obesity, exposed to intakes of tobacco, very inactive most of the time, many problems in attitudes and behaviour, will face difficulties in studies and that will lead to bad academic outcomes.
Meanwhile for adults, it is a bigger risk of health issues if they are living in poverty. For example, premature mortality, diabetes, chronic heart diseases, depression, poor oral health, disability and stroke. Furthermore, people with low income families faces high stress level can actually worsen existing health problems. “Treat or Eat” hidden meaning is actually a quarter of chronically sick adults face disability to afford food, medicine or both.
Financially limited resources, cause people who are food insecure that has disease or not to stretch budgets that are bad for health for coping with strategies. For instance, they buy food that has higher energy content but less nutrient food. Besides that, they even ration or dilute the milk for an infant. They also avoid taking initiative on needed medical care.
These food insecurities may also exacerbate current disease facing by them. For example, diabetes for bad glycaemic control, renal disease for people with kidney problems, and among people that as HIV with low CD4 counts. Meanwhile in children that has epilepsy worsen their health due to food insecure household and with medication side effects on them. Although, there are researches saying that there are higher health care utilization and higher costs of healthcare due to household food insecurity.
For children, adults, and older adults’ poverty, food insecurity has many impacts for their health. At the same time, it is also dangerous for those who have existing chronic diseases and poor mental health. Apart from these people, all these also effects and have a great impact on the economy and health care system of a country. Thankfully, there are several solutions to solve this major issue. For now, they have federal nutrition programs exist. By having connection in between people and these federal nutrition programs we are able to support and improve ones nations’ health critically.

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