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There are various attributes that shape the success of a human being. In the professionalsphere, most of the individuals are driven by the urge to establish their businesses. They aim atimparting superior products and services for the benefit of mankind. They have an idea and thewill, but they lack the direction and the strategy. Some of the best business books on themarket can fill the void, and equip you with the crucial knowledge necessary to succeed in thebusiness world.Here, we have compiled a list of famous business books to read if you want to achieve adistinct position in your business niche. The books have been penned down by renownedauthors and experts who have gained knowledge after spending their crucial years of life in theprofessional arena.Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap…and Others Don't – James C. CollinsPublished in 2001, this management business book has sold over four million copies aroundthe world. The writer has emphasized on the process of transforming from a good company toa great company. The financial success determines the greatness of the company, and theability of a company to utilize resources in an efficient manner is the reason behind thefinancial success. The book Good to Great is the hard work of Collins and the team ofresearchers who worked relentlessly for a period of five years.The Innovator’s Dilemma – Clayton M. ChristensenThe book sheds light on the circumstances where well-established companies fail, irrespectiveof their esteemed leadership and right strategies, and the situations where new entrantsemerge unexpectedly as the fierce competitors. The Innovator’s Dilemma contains an analysisof business models in a technical manner. The Harvard professor, Christensen, is successful inimparting crucial information. This book certainly one of the best business e-books on themarket today.The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen CoveyThe success of the book is evident from the fact that it has sold more than 25 million copiesfrom the date of publication in 1989. Not only this, the audio version sold over 1 million copies.If you are starting a business, books like these will be beneficial in aligning your approachtowards your business. Stephen urges readers to inculcate character values if they want toattain success in the business world. The writer focuses on seven crucial habits such as beingproactive, begin with the end in mind, and so on.The Lean Startup – Eric RiesIf you are a startup or a struggling entrepreneur, you should utilize the fundamentals of TheLean Startup for nurturing a prospering business. This book is one of the most sought-afterbooks in the business development books segment. Ries have focused on a process called FiveWhys that tries to analyze the business strategies, and decipher the core aspects of an issue.Companies like Alphabet Energy, Dropbox, General Electric, and Wealthfront have adoptedRies’s techniques to streamline their business process.How to Win Friends and Influence People – Dales CarnegieThe business book is regarded as one of the most successful business books of all times. Firstpublished in 1936, the book has sold over 30 million copies till now. The writer, Dales Carnegie,incorporates the psychological aspects and human relations to achieve success in theprofessional life. Not only this, he also emphasized how you can win people by using theiregotistical tendencies for your own advantage. This is a self-help book that will assist you increating a perfect balance between your professional and personal life.Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon HillDid you know that Think and Grow Rich has sold over 100 million copies till now? The book isregarded as the most profound work of Napoleon Hill. The book assists readers in the processof self-development and self-help. The main motive of this business book is to teach peoplehow to attain success. To accomplish the aim of achieving success, Napoleon has identified 13principles that you should inculcate in your life. Some of the principles are The SubconsciousMind, Power of the Master Mind, Organized Planning, Specialized Knowledge, and so on.The Personal MBA: A World-Class Business Education in a Single Volume – Josh KaufmanEnrolling in an MBA course is surely a desirable choice, but an expensive one as well. If you canlearn all the principles of an MBA course from a book, would you like to give a try? The PersonalMBA helps you in accumulating knowledge as if you are a student at a reputed B-school. If youare keen on learning the aspects of management of the business, books like The Personal MBAdeserve a place in your book rack. The book teaches you about the products, marketing,teamwork, creating systems, sales, finances, etc. It includes specific chapters from the syllabusof eminent business schools like the Harvard, Wharton, and others.The Entrepreneur's Guide to Business Law – Constance E BagleyAs indicated by the name, the book encompasses all the parameters necessary for a buddingentrepreneur. The book holds a significant position in the business law books segment as itguides you right from the start-up phase to the initial public offering of your company. Whileoperating your company, you will face numerous legal issues that should be handled carefully.The book is a guide that emphasizes on these legal aspects. You will find practical tips on howto handle legal issues. Further, you can learn the tactics of competing in the industry againstyour competitors, and gain knowledge pertaining to issues like a recession, e-commerce,sustainable energy, and so on.ConclusionIf you are seeking free business books, there are multiple reliable resources on the web. Youcan accentuate your knowledge by reading these books. Before you proceed with the reading,check out the business books summary to know the crux of the matter in the book. Thebusiness books are the perfect companions in your journey to success. Thus, embrace themwithout any doubts.

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