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There are eight tremendous plates on the surface of the earth. There’s likewise a cluster of little plates. When they move, they cause common events, for example, volcanoes and earthquakes. This is called plate tectonics. The reason behind why people trust in plate tectonics is that, the shapes of the continents , areas of mountains and fossils and subduction zones and trenches. The shapes of the continents is a major proof for the hypothesis of plate tectonics. In the event that you take a look at a map, you will see that every one of the continents have something comparable: they all fit together. Alfred Wegener understood that in 1912. He didn’t have a hypothesis for why the continents moved around, which is the reason scientists didn’t believe him until after he passed away in 1930. Alfred Wegener believed that the continents were once together, but because of common reasons like earthquakes and volcanoes, they eventually separated. Another reason is the areas of mountains and fossils. Scientists took a look at fossils on various continents.They found that fossils from one continent is fundamentally the same as the ones in other. Researchers likewise believe that similar plants used to live on the continents, however when they separated, new plant’s were formed. When the researchers were digging, they additionally took a look at various types of rocks. A few rocks in Africa resemble those in South America. They look excessively comparable, making it impossible to be a happenstance. The last reason is subduction zones and trenches. Subduction happens when plates collide with each other instead of splitting apart. Seafloor spreading and subduction zones can change the size and state of the sea. Along these lines, seafloor are rebuilt each 200 million years. This is the reason numerous individuals trust Alfred Wegener’s hypothesis. In conclusion, natural events cause plate tectonics. Many people believe in plate tectonics because there is so much evidence that goes with it. Alfred Wegener believed that all the continents were once together. All this evidence, but in the end, it is up to you. What do you think?

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