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This academic article was written to record the experiences and opinions of children living in poverty within single parent families. This european union-funded research project was carried out in England, Greece and Cyprus in 2006.From this article, we can interpret many different undertones of the complexity and obstacles that is obtained in a child within a single parent families as well as the effects it has on children both short and long term. However, this article fails to correctly depict the reality of coming from a broken home. This article taints such homes in a dim and dark light which can be criticised.In this article, children from single parent homes gave statements showing, first hand, their own views and opinions. Interviews and focus groups were carried out as a method to gain and understand information from the children. The findings showed that children in both primary and secondary school knew and understood the effects of living in poverty and the outcome of living within a single parent family. The children also drew on how social exclusion comes hand in hand with this. However, some children saw it to have some advantages while others considered living within a single parent family the norm as they feel they can relate with many friends who have experienced a similar position. Although this research project unintentionally taints single parent families in a negative light. Nonetheless, the children interviewed made an effort to ensure they highlighted the benefits of coming from this family structure, regardless of the effects of poverty.Many of the other children who were interviewed also made mention of how bonded their family relationships were. The older children emphasised their relationship with their parents and their reliance on their single parent for comfort and emotional support. Whilst younger children went about listing everyday things that their parent does that they appreciate or enjoy. The children also emphasised the importance of spending quality time with their parents. This article highlights that England has highest amount of children living in poverty throughout the whole of Europe. This calls to question the attitude and methods the government use in order to aid this. The children were asked how they felt about the current support offered to them. Overall they said that there wasn’t much leisure activities available for them to partake in such as parks or sports clubs due to the cost. Others expressed how even transport proves expensive especially for the children living in rural areas. Such things things affect the level of participation for these children which also contributes to social exclusion. This research project suggests what the government has been lacking in relation to supporting single parent families struggling with poverty. This article articulates the voice and opinions of children affected by this. Children’s voices should be the key aspect in making policies that directly affect them, This should inform policy-making and take initiative to ensure that the perspectives and needs of these children are listened to and met.

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