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film is a documentary drama category of television and is based on the real
events of 1989 airplane tragedy in which the flight carrying passengers to
Chicago crushed on landing. The film is directed by Johnson and Bennett as the
screenwriter. Johnson tries to stress the heroic and courageous actions of
Sioux citizens after they rescued the passenger victims from the wrecked plane.

The Crash Landing film is organized around the troubled alliance between Thomas
(Gary Brown), the assertive fresh director of (Woodbury Disaster County) and
James (Jim Hathaway) an old chief of emergency service personnel as they try to
control the activities in the plane.

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            In the film, Brown is young while
Hathaway is old and thus the two are in conflict when it comes to performing
their roles in an efficient manner. Brown views Hathaway as old and thus too
sluggish; on the other hand, Hathaway terms Brown as wordy who talks a lot and
performs fewer tasks. Their rivalry is tiresome and does not help when the
plane crashes. Instead of them arguing, they should have worked as a team which
could have actually prevented the casualties. Brown encounters trouble to bring
all passengers and members to the safe place due to Hathaway sluggishness. The
main idea here is that it requires Proper Corporation and communication to be
successful in any task. This is what happens when Hathaway and Brown finally
reach an agreement to work as a team and save the members on the plane.

            Finally, I think the film makes an
excellent re-acting of the real events as the scenes are realistic and with
best characters such as Heston (Captain Haynes). There is a recognition of the
crashes (trademarks), for instance, the emergence of survivors from the fields,
one child who jumped when the plane was landing including Nielsen who saved a
young boy. The weakness of the film is the failure to show the cabin of
passengers. The passenger’s reactions towards the incoming disaster are also hidden.  

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