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This essay will be talking about an oven cleaner
named “Terrifik”. It will discuss what chemicals the oven cleaner contains and
their chemical formulas, how the oven cleaner works chemically. The essay also
includes information about how the oven cleaner and the chemicals it contains were
made, and where the product comes from.


Firstly, the chemicals that the oven cleaner
contains are butane, sodium hydroxide and magnesium aluminosilicate. The
chemical formula of butane is C4H10. The
chemical formula of sodium hydroxide is NaOH. Magnesium aluminosilicate’s
chemical formula is AL2MgO8Si2. The purpose of
liquid butane that is used in the product is to loosen carbon
molecules. Cleaners that contain sodium hydroxide such as “Terrifik”
turn the fats to soap
which dissolves in water and when sodium hydroxide dissolves in water it gives
off heat. This heat helps to melt anything that needs to be cleaned in the oven.

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Butane comes from natural gas and it is shapeless and it is a natural
form. Butane can be made with chlorine and hydrogen using the
chloralkali process. Butane is easy to find in many
parts of the world, and it is not expensive to mine and produce. It is a fossil
fuel and to make butane there are three steps. The first step is the removal of oil and
condensate, which is separating the gas from the oil where it
dissolved. The second step is the removal of the water where gas gets
separated from the water through machinery at the surface. This is done by a
dehydration. The final step is Glycol Dehydration which is absorbing
water from the wet gas. The glycol particles get heavier, sink to the bottom of
a device called a contractor, and are then removed.


Additionally, this oven cleaner was originally made
in a factory in China named “Dorfin” and then sent to a storage distribution
unit in Vaughan. Then, the product was shipped to many stores. “Terrifik” is easily
found in many local stores.


In conclusion, the essay includes information about
an oven cleaner called “Terrifik”. It talked about the chemicals in the oven cleaner,
how it works, all the steps of preparing the chemicals the product contains and
where it comes from. 

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