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This article showcases how physicists have recently created a device that produces particles with a negatively charged mass that will be used to generate laser light using only a small amount of energy. They created it by forming an “optical microcavity” where light is held at different colors. They then used semiconductors to interact with the trapped light. One being made of metal and the other one not. This interaction with the semiconductor and the light lead to the creation of exciton particles which then combined with photons. This combination forms the particle polaritons which have negative mass. Negative mass results in an object doing the opposite of whatever it would usually do when a force is applied. The article then goes on to explain that negative mass, however, does not go against the basic laws of physics since it is simply a property of particles within the object. The object still has mass though if some of its particles have negative mass. Positrons are the solution to a cheaper and more efficient way of conducting electricity. This article discusses a demonstration of negative mass that used electrical charges and uncharged particles unlike other experiments that only used uncharged. This new demonstration allowed for physicists to use lasers in their experiment and see if they can use positrons to form laser light.I believe the author wrote this article to give the public a better understanding of what positrons and negative mass is and how we can use them effectively in our world. I learned that positrons, the mixture of photons and exciton particles, contain negative mass which are able to cheaply and effectively generate laser light and that the news that physicists have now been able to make a machine that produces positrons is phenomenal and useful to our community. I did not really understand what a photon and exciton particles are so I had to look them up. I feel the article could have explained these terms better and go more into depth about why producing laser light is important to our community so I as a reader understand the greatness of having laser light being made cheaper and more effectively.

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