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This disaster killed more than 30 people at the place of accident and because of its radiation level in the surrounding 20-mile radius, almost 1,35,000 people were evacuated.
Concerning the ethically issues, engineers in Chernobyl neglected their duty to place public safety and the well-being of people within the area as highest priority. Even when it comes to informa the management of the site have neglected their duty to accurately and timely inform the people. Due to minor safety equipment in 1978, 170 individuals suffered work related
injuries. This caused the loss in the work time also.
A lot of safety procedures were being violated.
Also the people with no training were in leading roles. In fact the firemen even never taught how to cope with the situation. Initially the company was in the intension that their staff has sufficient knowledge to prevent large-scale disasters. But unfortunately the staff was unable to detect the defect, which caused the leak. There was no proper communication between the team in charge and personal responsible for the operation of nuclear reactor.
The Chernobyl Power Plant was made in a very dangerous condition. Hastily built sarcophagus crumbles in 1997. The lack of safety culture resulted in the inability to remedy design weakness despite being known before the accident. There were many construction failings at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and its inadequate monitoring. According to the data in the possession of the KGB of the USSR design deviations and ventilation of construction are occurring at various places in the construction. The pillars of generator room were erected with a deviation of up to 100mm from the reference axis and the horizontal connections were absent. Also there was a deviation in the wall panels of up to 150mm. I n a report, the Deputy Head of the construction directorate said the backfill of the foundation in many places where waterproofing were damaged. So this damage lead to ground water seepage into the station and radioactive contamination of the environment.

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