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article is important for any profession. Gender inequality is an issued that
still occurs in any given field. It is an issue that issue that should be
solved in any type of industry. Women get paid less for the same jobs men do. In
this article the focus lies already on the advertising business, which includes
communication professionals. The most important questions from this article  is the one that asks what can be done in order
to change gender inequality within your own organization and environment. This
question applies for communication professionals, however it would be better if
everyone would ask themselves this questions.


ideas these CMOs have in order to decrease the inequality gap should be taken
into account by all CMOs and probably even CEOs. This has been an issue for a
long time, and in these modern times it time to get rid of them and solve this
issue for good. Communication professionals can use the ideas of these CMOs.
They can get inspired by them or they can come up with their own ideas to close
the gap. Communication professionals can be found in any field related to any
industry, which puts them in the perfect place to start the change. They are in
the perfect place because they are spread over all the industries, in big or
small companies. Besides that they have knowledge of how to communicate problem
and this is one that needs special attention. They are able to communicate the
problem and give it the attention that it deserves and open the discussion
about it.

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order to conduct further research into the changes between men and women in the
technology and advertising industry, more questions could be asked. More
research into this topic is important in order to be able to solve the issue. By
gaining more knowledge and getting a better insight in the problem, it will be
easier to find solutions.

What is the best way to bring this issue under the attention of the CEOs of big
companies in order to create attention among the whole industry?

What changes can be made that will have the biggest impact in closing the
gender inequality gap? 

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