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research task is formed to identify the correlation between the parental and child’s
attitude towards sport. Scottsdale (2011) claims that, “The first exposure many children get to sporting activities is through
their parents.” Parents
play a vital role in the upbringing of their children, especially in the sporting
atmosphere. Children are 6 times more likely to be
active when one or both parents were active (Zecevic, Tremblay & Lovsin,
2010). The parents attitude can dramatically affect the child’s potential.
Sports is often used as a way to achieve someone’s personal goals or dreams,
whether it be weight loss, fun, competition or as a social means. Sports for
children is majorly different in the sense that it helps develop certain skills
that must be learnt at a young age. Quinton (2017) discovered that, “Positive parental involvement can help
develop important skills such as self-esteem, motivation and social skills.”
Parental involvement in a child’s sport is vital to build a strong
relationship. This is proven by Burbach (2017), “As you get to know one another you play off each other’s strengths.” The
parent can learn certain characteristics from the child such as: attitude when winning
or losing, motivational skills, leadership and social ability. However, a
rising problem nowadays is parents pushing their children too hard to achieve better results.
A study done by Côté (1999) states that “High and low parental expectations were associated with less enthusiasm from children.” We can see that parents play an important role in the upbringing of
their child through sport, however this must be carefully controlled. One must realise if their
child is not enjoying doing sport the consequences (it can have as stated above)(mentioned above
could become a reality). This research task aims to discover the balance
between the parental attitude and the child’s attitude towards sport.

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