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This should come
as no surprise, that, a generation that relies on customer reviews before
buying a product online or visiting a restaurant (hail Zomato!), will seek a
more authentic representation of life inside an organization when looking for a
job. Gone are the days when employers could script a creative employer brand and
be assured that it will attract the best of talent.

In an
increasingly connected world that thrives on social media, one cannot undermine
the power of personal or professional networks which are a tap away! Glassdoor,
the employer review website, has 32 million unique monthly users on an average
of which 36% are millennials! Further, a Glassdoor user reads at least 7 reviews before forming an
opinion of a company1!  And we are not even accounting for the
countless conversations that happen on LinkedIn or WhatsApp/Facebook Alumni
groups on a prospective company’s culture.

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Further, it is a
well-known fact that most employer value propositions are often
indistinguishable. Almost every other company is offering a fast-track career,
a diverse & inclusive environment, amazing benefits, greet peers,
innovative culture and so on and so forth. More so, if the actual experience
post-joining, turns out to be different than promised, it can have serious
repercussions not only for future talent attraction but also engaging and
retaining talent. One does not need a bigger case than this to get serious
about cultivating a talent brand in a crowded talent market.

How does one
then stand out in this war for talent?

In my personal
opinion – two key levers in developing a talent brand for the new age
work-force are presence and authenticity. First and foremost, be present where
the conversations are happening, where the potential job seekers are – whether
it is Glassdoor or LinkedIn or even Facebook/Twitter. Not having a presence
itself lends to a negative perception. For example, 58% of the followers on a
Company’s LinkedIn page are “interested in working for the company2.”
Are you sharing enough about the organization to attract this potential base?

Secondly, let
authentic reviews flow in. Do not try to influence employees – current or
former – to write reviews that sound idealistic. Instead, acknowledge each
review – positive or negative. Take time to understand that feedback and see
what can be improved. 65% of Glassdoor users agree their perception of a
company improves after seeing an employer respond to a review3.
The intent matters. Acknowledgement matters.

The new-age
workforce admires a blend of the employer and talent brand – while the
employers can actively display what’s new and exciting at the organization and
communicate with potential candidates through key channels, the employees can
help highlight the true differentiators of the company’s culture thereby
lending a balanced view. Any unpleasant experiences work as real-time feedback
for the company to make amends and influence employee experience.

We all know that
the organic reach of employees today is a potent force. It can have a
tremendous influence on the quality of talent an organization can attract and
keep engaged. Hence, to become an employer of choice, one has to think like a
millennial employee who behaves more like a consumer when it comes to a
choosing a place to work and this is where an outstanding talent brand can help
them shop well!

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