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This is
also another analyst angle article in which they have explained about the
various characters the cellular 5G and the Wi-Fi are evolving by making use of each
other’s characters, such as the 5G is ready to assist the spread spectrum and
the unlicensed bands and the Wi-Fi is concentrating more on the QoS, surveillance(security
measures). This will eliminate the border between the license and unlicensed band
which in turn helps the non-spectrum service providers namely cable, private
band providers. By using this cellular concept in one of the Wi-Fi standard
802.11ax they are planning to deliver Gigabit data rates in dense Wi-Fi environments.
Since the 5G is also in its early stages of deployment into the market the
802.11ax is being pointed to follow the same ground work as the 5G. Some of the
main features of this 802.11ax are, it supports till 6GHz (where the existing
standards support 2.4GHz and 5GHz); since it is for a dense environment the
mobility for the users is less; the throughput in average is 5-10 times more than
the early version(faster); it is more stronger in the outdoors(good signal strength).
Recently there were 2 new technologies the Agile multiband and optimized
connectivity.  The Agile multiband helps
the user in having a best signal strength for the device by finding the best
possible AP to connect to and directing the device in that particular direction.

optimized connectivity helps in mapping the available AP around the device,
authentication simplicity and minimizing the traffic between device and the AP.
These technologies help the user in receiving a strong signal and also supports
the mobility like a cellular network which works based on handoff technique
between the cells. As we can see the 802.11 performs better than the IMT- 2020
i.e. 5G technology but the main reason for following the 5G technology is
better service i.e. user connectivity, user experience and also the network efficiency
and management.

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